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Apr 26
Most Important Landlord Laws that can’t be missed

Category: For Owners, Our Blog, Property Management
most important landlord laws that cant be missed

Being a landlord is not quite as simple as purchase a property and renting out the units you need to learn the tenant and landlord laws.

Apr 17
How To Retain Your Tenants

Category: For Owners, Our Blog, Property Management
How to create a more stable environment for your tenants

A landlord’s dream is to ensure that tenants are happy and stay in their rented space for the long haul. Therefore, it’s essential for landlords to create and implement a plan to retain tenants in their properties. Landlords will want to retain tenant’s stability, which is a tenant who stays in your property for four […]

Feb 24
What to do when ending a lease

Category: For Owners, Our Blog, Property Management

Now, what happens when that contract ends? Many problems can occur before and long after the tenant leaves. If you are unsure of what needs to be done when ending a lease then read on!

Feb 11
How Tenant Insurance Protect Your Renters

Category: For Tenants, Our Blog

Now what if you have found the perfect tenant? What do you think are the top concerns of any tenants? Once you have finalized a deal with a new applicant, you’ve just completed the puzzle of your new investment, adding the tenant to your rental unit. Now let the cash flow! But just like with […]

Feb 03
Landlord’s Insurance: What it is and why it is important?

Category: For Owners, Our Blog

Most rental property owners in British Columbia come across one impending question early on in the stages of their business: What is your most important concern as a landlord? For most rental property owners, the biggest concern would probably be about finding good tenants for their vacant units. But aside from that, you should be […]

Feb 02
Pros and Cons of Including Utilities with Rent for Your Investment Property

Category: For Owners, Our Blog, Property Management

The question of whether or not to include utilities in the rental price has been one that has landlords and property management companies going back and forth on for years. The trend seems to shift depending on what the rental market is doing at the time. In the 1990’s, with higher rental vacancy, the trend […]

Jan 20
Important Things To Know Before Renting Your Property

Category: For Owners, Our Blog, Property Management

When it comes to renting, both the tenants and the landlords have specific rights and they share responsibilities in order to make sure that the tenant is renting the right way and that the landlord is provided all that is needed. This is a way to avoid unwanted situations such as disputes or discrepancies in […]

Jan 13
First Time Landlord Tips

Category: For Owners, Our Blog, Property Management, Video Blog
First Time Landlord Tips

If you have the choice to own an asset, owning one that produces income is much better than owning an asset that expends income. If you own a house or apartment for your own residence, for example, you need to pay for maintenance, repairs, taxes, mortgage interest, landscaping, utilities, or strata fees that cover some […]

Jan 06
The Expert Landlord Tips

Category: For Owners, Our Blog, Property Management

Running a rental property is not as easy as it sounds. Landlords do more than maintain the place and collect the monthly rent. So here are some of the best practices from the experts in the business. You probably know by now that being a landlord can be extremely overwhelming. Just like with any business […]

Jan 03
The Best Indicators of Tenant Quality

Category: For Owners, Our Blog, Property Management
The Best Indicators of Tenant Quality

  Screening prospective tenants can involve so many different checks and balances. Interviewing, references, criminal court record search, and really anything you can do to get an idea of what sort of tenant a person is going to be. And of course, you have to be certain that you are not discriminating on race, religion, […]

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