Myths roam about for potential renters everywhere. Local laws may prove to be true, but under the laws of British Columbia, there are specific rules about the eviction process, cost of rent, maintenance, and security deposits. BC has been still facing a housing problem, which has led to a rise in rentals. All the tenants … Read more

How Tenant Insurance Protect Your Renters


Now what if you have found the perfect tenant? What do you think are the top concerns of any tenants? While tenant insurance is usually neglected, let me share with you a property manager perspective in this matter. Once you have finalized a deal with a new applicant, you’ve just completed the puzzle of your … Read more

Property Management 101: Getting Started


If you’re looking into becoming a landlord, you may need some help with how to get started. There’s a lot to do in property management and a lot of laws you need to know about, things can get confusing. For instance, when you search for tenants, is it okay to exclude those with children? Can … Read more

What to do after sending the notice to end tenancy


 You’ve sent the notice to end tenancy, they accepted it, then they moved out, now what? We’ve already discussed how to go about ending the rental agreement, but what happens once that’s over? So far, we’ve covered how to get started as a landlord, how to market your rental unit, what to do once you’ve … Read more

Minimizing Tenant Turnover Expenses


 When you decide to manage all the day-in-day-out aspects that come with owning an investment property you will no doubt digest every bit of information you can find on getting the right tenants. How to screen them and check the details of their application. And ways to make sure you are kicking off a great … Read more