Understanding Return on Equity for Real Estate

As a real estate investor, the ultimate criterion for investing will be your possible returns. Many industry terms allude to methods for measuring returns, and you can find a wealth of information online. One term often used in real estate describes cash-on-cash returns or your return on equity. What is Return on Equity? Return on … Read more

How to Set a Rental Price for Your Investment Property

Woman is a landlord who is looking to accurately price her rental property

As a real estate investor, knowing how to set a rental price for your investment property is important. We go in-depth about why it’s essential to set the right market rent for your home, and you can read more about this topic [HERE].  Understanding the rental value of your home is important to managing your … Read more

How to Price your Rental and Why Renting Above or Below Market Is Not A Good Idea

Property owner will like to attract a good tenant to their property with a good rental price

Establishing the rental price is critical to generate returns from your rental property as an investment owner. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to setting the right price. Your decision now will be a chief factor in your returns in the long run.  The Art of Establishing the Right Rental Price  If … Read more

Is it Time to Sell Your Aging Real Estate Property? What are Your Options?

Owning a rental property that provides consistent monthly cash flows can be lucrative. Period returns from a rental property, coupled with the passive price appreciation of the property itself, make owning a rental property an attractive investment opportunity.   With the rental market stability in metro areas of a city, it can seem natural to continue … Read more