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Real Estate Investment & Property Management in Vancouver BC

You don’t have to be an expert to invest in real estate. We help those who just want their money to work for them or those who want to plan for retirement via investment properties.

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Hassle-free property management services for residential real estate


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Find out how we can help you to invest in real estate. Learn about how to invest in real estate. Learn about how to start in real estate investing and where to buy.

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Find out what we can do with your budget, where you should be looking, and residential real estate investment opportunities currently available.


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First, we get to know you and learn about your goals. Our team analyzes the opportunities and helps you find the RIGHT investment home for you.



Next, we find you a good tenant for your rental property and manage your real estate investments while they’re increasing in value.



Our team regularly updates you on the current value of your real estate investments. Subsequently, when the time is right, we help you to leverage or exit your property investment.

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Still not convinced real estate is the way to invest?

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Investment property in Surrey BC

Our client was able to more than double their real estate investment in a period of five years.

Our client purchased a presale property in 2016 for $150,400. The unit was subsequently ready for occupancy in 2019 and we were able to help our client find a tenant at a stable rental rate with a monthly cash flow of $1,050 per month. Our client capitalized on the intense appreciation in the real estate market and decided to sell in May 2021, during a peak season for sales. As a result, our client cashed out on their residential property investment at a sold price of $310,000, with an impressive 106% return over their original purchase price. In short, our client was able to more than double the value of their real estate investments in just 5 years!


Investment property in Downtown Vancouver

Our client’s investment property sold in March 2021 in a highly active Vancouver market.

Our client came to us because of their decision to hold off on selling their property back in 2019 when the residential real estate market was soft and their property was sitting on the market for over two months. To begin with, we helped our client find a tenant to cover their holding period while the market was soft. We took care of managing the rental property until our client’s decision to sell in 2021. During this time, rental income of $35,000 was received over the holding period of a little over a year. The original purchase price was $395,000 back in 2016 and we helped our client sell their real estate investment in March 2021. The rental property was listed on the market for a total of 10 days and sold for $505,000.


Investment property in Whistler BC

The investment home sold in February 2021 for $1.7 million—more than double its renovated value.

In April 2016, our team helped our client purchase an investment property in Whistler BC for $585,000 (20% down payment). We then rented the home to a tenant while we were obtaining building permits to fully renovate the property to boost its investment value. As a part of managing the home improvement project, we worked through securing the trades and negotiations on behalf of our homeowner. After obtaining permits, we were then able to manage the important work of renovations. In the end, the renovation cost for the property was approximately $230,000 and was completed at the end of 2017. After we completed renovations, we rented the property on Airbnb in 2018. In spite of the pandemic, between 2018 and 2020, we generated $188,000 in investment revenues. If it was not for the pandemic, Airbnb revenues would be closer to $300,000. Ultimately, the investment property sold in February 2021 for $1.7 million.


At Bolld Real Estate Management, we help people build their wealth in real estate.

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What our customers are saying

Roy C.

Getting tenants to view the property quickly and giving me peace of mind. I’m totally hands off and I’m happy with how things are turning out so far.

Alexander L.

A dedicated property manager was allocated to me. We can talk when issues come up. They’ve improved the communication with me when the tenant has a problem and I am informed quicker so I can take action to ensure the tenant is happy. Rent is always paid on time. I get good property inspection reports and updates on Strata meetings.

Bonnie. N.

Bolld is the best! I am extremely happy with their superb level of service. The experience over all has been nothing short of Great – everything is always taken care of in a timely manner. I can feel that everyone from Bolld genuinely cares and would highly recommend them to everyone!

Andrew Liem

Knowledgeable, Professional and Efficient. If you’re looking for a great team to help you find a place or help rent out your place look no further. This team is absolutely amazing and a pleasure to work with.

Tommy Kuan

Been renting from Bolld for 2 years now, everything going smooth! Going into my third year. Great on communication, bi yearly inspection and if anything comes up they will keep me updated. Happy with their service..

Jordan McCormick

I own two properties in Vancouver and decided to move overseas unexpectedly. I reached out to 5 different property management services requesting information on their services. Of the 5, Bolld Real Estate Management was the fastest to respond to my questions, the most professional, most comprehensive and offered the best value for my dollar. Leo’s team responds to my many emails in a matter of minutes. They are patient, understanding and incredibly supportive. They have gone over and above to help me, even before I have paid them a penny. They offer free advice and have many resourceful contacts to help you. Bolld Real Estate Management has simplified this process for me and have treated my family with the utmost care. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a top quality, high value property management service

Jayoung Lee

I only had positive experiences with this company. Very professional, always on top of things and very kind! They will go extra miles for you. I recommend Bolld!

Navid Khezri

Bolld in general and Bryna in particular have provided me with a superb service as far as finding the perfect home is involved. As a busy young professional, I have little time to look into finding and maintaining a property. Bryna has patiently listened to my requests and made sure they are met. She has my trust. Thank you.

Jackie Phua

I have recently list my home with Bolld & they sold my home in 3 days. Plus got me listing for places for to find my new home. I bought my new home within a week after my home was sold. They have been very professional, excellent service and also patient with me. They went above & beyond on their call of duty. I would recommend them to friends & family.

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