Real Estate Investment and Property Management: Are They The Same?

Have you ever considered investing in real estate, but weren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you have a few properties and are considering hiring a property management company to help you keep things running smoothly. Either way, this blog post is for you! We’ll give you an overview of what real estate investing entails, … Read more

Landlord Series: The Truth about Repairs for Your Rental Property

Landlord 101: how to manage repairs for your rental property

As a homeowner, letting your property out to a tenant is a big deal. You’ll probably be conscious of how your tenant will treat your home. Renting out your home isn’t a light decision, but it can be well worth it. However, having a rental property isn’t just about collecting rent. Your duties will also … Read more

5 Tips for Collecting a Security Deposit from Renters


1. Collecting a Security Deposit: Make Sure the Security Deposit is Part of the Rental Agreement BC tenancy laws enable landlords to collect a deposit in trust as security against damage to your property—albeit within strict guidelines. As a landlord, you can ask for a maximum security deposit equal to a half month’s rent at … Read more

What Should I Do When My Tenant Doesn’t Pay Their Rent?

collecting rent from a tenant, rental income for a property

As a landlord, you’ll want to treat your rental property as an investment, and you should see consistent cash flows from rent. Seeing as consistent rent flows is important, how can you manage it so that a tenant pays rent on time? What can you do when your tenant doesn’t pay their rent?  There are … Read more

How to Screen Tenants for Your Home Efficiently and Effectively

How to Screen Tenants for Your Home Efficiently and Effectively

As a property owner, properly screening tenants is a primary defense against facing a headache tenant or tenancy. You’re the gatekeeper, and you get to decide whether a prospective renter is qualified for taking up residence at your property.  You ideally want to find a tenant who intends to stay for a number of years, … Read more

How to Set a Rental Price for Your Investment Property

Woman is a landlord who is looking to accurately price her rental property

As a real estate investor, knowing how to set a rental price for your investment property is important. We go in-depth about why it’s essential to set the right market rent for your home, and you can read more about this topic [HERE].  Understanding the rental value of your home is important to managing your … Read more

How to Price your Rental and Why Renting Above or Below Market Is Not A Good Idea

Property owner will like to attract a good tenant to their property with a good rental price

Establishing the rental price is critical to generate returns from your rental property as an investment owner. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to setting the right price. Your decision now will be a chief factor in your returns in the long run.  The Art of Establishing the Right Rental Price  If … Read more



Home Renovations can be a daunting prospect regardless of whether you are just diving into the world of fixer-uppers or plan to rehab a rundown old home for personal use. You should also be aware of permits, demolition, and whether to paint or install flooring or replace windows first. Additionally, you should take precautions against … Read more



You get lots of questions like “What’s it like?” and “Tell me a crazy landlord story.” If you’ve been a landlord for a long time, you’ve probably got some funny, inspiring, crazy, and educational stories to tell regarding Rental inspections. In the project called The Landlord Chronicles, Chad Gallagher and Matt Faircloth have assembled a … Read more



You may not realize just how many essential procedures must be completed by a landlord at the End of tenancy. The goal here is to help landlords better understand these requirements, particularly where it comes to handling deposits and move-out inspections. The unfortunate reality of tenancy is that they don’t always end positively, meaning that … Read more



It is possible to end a tenancy without complication as long as all of the RTB processes are understood and followed correctly. The following explanations will provide more information about the forms that are used in the process of ending a tenancy. FIXED TERMS There are several important things to be aware of in relation … Read more