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We make real estate investing easy, hassle-free and profitable. For everyone and every budget. This is our proven process to Build your Wealth in Real Estate.

our proven process

BOLLD covers the whole Investment Cycle.
From Purchase to Profit.

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We find you the right investment

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Your Goals and Your Budget

We sit down with you to discuss your goals for buying an investment home. We connect you with a mortgage specialist to establish the optimal investment. We talk about your budget and your timeline.

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Your Investment Strategy

Based on your goals and your budget, we work together on an investment strategy. We discuss available options such as pre-sale and resale homes.

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Facilitating the Purchase

When we start the search, you will get regular updates of investment homes that fit your criteria. For each short-listed home, we prepare a rental evaluation and complete financial analysis. Once we find the right home, we negotiate on your behalf. We inspect the home before purchase and look for any ways to increase your investment’s value.

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We find you a good tenant and take care of your home

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FREE Tenant Placement

When you invest with us, the tenant placement is FREE. We find you the ideal tenant for your home. In the offer, we negotiate to start advertising the home for rent before the completion of the purchase to minimize any vacancy.

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Completely Hands-off Hassle-free Property Management

Our professional property management team takes care of your home and your tenant. We deal with everything 24/7/365

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Maximizing your investment’s Value

We inspect your home regularly to make sure it is well maintained to preserve its value. We minimize your vacancies and keep your rental rate up to date. We increase the rental rate when appropriate. Any maintenance is handled professionally and cost-effectively.

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Sell or Leverage

We help you decide when is the right time to sell or leverage

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Regular investment Updates

We provide you with a regular update and keep you informed about the worth of your home in the current market.

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Leveraging your Investment Home

As the value of your home increases, the rental rates usually do not keep up. As a result, your return on equity declines over time. When appropriate, we explore the option of leveraging your home’s equity to purchase a new investment home.

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Selling your Investment Home

As your home gets older, maintenance problems are bound to happen, and the cost of ownership increases. Older buildings struggle with high insurance cost, and 5 figure special assessments are a real possibility. Keeping your investment home for too long can negatively impact your bottom line. When it is time to sell, we help you facilitate the purchase. We specialize in selling tenant-occupied homes. We maintain a strong relationship with your tenant, which is crucial when selling. We show your home at its best, and we help to relocate your tenant if needed.

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