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The Cost of a Tenant Turnover

28 Apr

Landlords will agree with me that most of the temporary vacancies are caused by the tenant turnover. Tenant turnover is basically the time between on tenant moves out and the other one moves in. This is not an issue if you manage to place a tenant at the same time when the previous tenant is moving out. This way you…

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Where to look for a home?

26 Oct

General sources Newspapers servicing your search area, including free ethnic papers and community papers. Free publications, often found in local retail stores,that publish rental accommodation ads. Check bulletin board postings at libraries, community centers, grocery stores, laundry mats and places of worship. Word of mouth. For students, campus housing offices. Check with local real estate offices found in the yellow…

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Choosing the right place

26 Oct

Identify what your needs are: How flexible are you about where you want to live? normally, your rental choices are restricted to whatever is available in that area and what is also affordable. There may be things you will have to compromise. Like, do you need to have public transit within a short walk of your new residence? as most…

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Finding a Tenant

30 Sep

Finding a Tenant Every landlord wants to find the ideal tenant — the tenant who always pays the rent on time, doesn’t cause disturbances, doesn’t complain or cause conflicts and keeps the unit in better condition than when they moved in. Now, while finding this ideal tenant may be unattainable, you can attract the most suitable tenant by the way…

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10 Steps of Renting your Property

27 Sep

Efficient management procedures ensure the your property is safe and profitable. This is how we work: 1. Definition of the best use You show your interest in our services and we start the work immediately. After you provide us with the details of your property, just by simply filling out our Quick Market Evaluation, we gather all accessible information. We…

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Property Maintenance

08 Aug

Be a carefree home owner. Whether you own one or own many properties we make sure that your investment is safe and profitable. You worked hard to purchase your property and we will work hard too to keep your property in the best possible condition. For your convenience our company maintains a full time train and fully insured maintenance staff….

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