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The Things You Need Your Tenants to Know

01 Dec

When you decide to invest in an income property there is often a learning curve involved and usually, most new investors will go about attacking that curve with gusto! It’s a new and exciting adventure and most folks who decide to get into real estate, develop an instant passion for it. Of course, the same cannot be said for tenants….

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The Expenses New Real Estate Investors Forget to Plan For

23 Nov

Buying real estate as an investment is really exciting. There are so many opportunities to invest your money in solid properties that if managed properly can provide you with a steady stream of rental income and eventually provide a larger cash infusion when the property is sold! And with so many television programs reveling in the thrill of the chase,…

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How To Initiate An Inspection

09 Nov

If you know how to initiate an inspection properly go ahead and watch the video! Before conducting an inspection to the rental property, it is a must that you follow some certain guidelines when initiating one. In this video, you’ll be reminded of the key things that you shouldn’t forget before conducting an inspection of the property. If you’ve noted…

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Making Your Vacation Property Safe for Guests

31 Oct

When you decide to purchase a vacation rental property it’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of having a really awesome new asset that you can enjoy with your family; not to mention earn some good money on. This is why it’s important to take a few moments, to step back, and to think through all the…

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Turning Your Rental Property into a Smart Home

24 Oct

Do you imagine a future where the door opens for you when you get home, where the climate controls respond to your comings and goings, where you could loan out a digital key to a guest with an expiry date? Well, that future may be starting to arrive already. And what’s more, it could come in really handy for your…

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How to Stage Your Home to Rent (or sell) Quickly

13 Oct

Where do you begin? It’s sometimes hard to know exactly where to start with all the advice out there! While there is no such thing as absolutely perfect for all tastes, there are some tried and true methods that will work for you most of the time. In this article, we’re going to give you the big picture and then…

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Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

05 Oct

Any smart real estate investor will tell you that a reliable management company an essential tool in making investments as profitable as possible. As the leading Vancouver property management company, Bolld Real Estate Management is here to maximize your investment’s earning potential. We take pride in specializing in residential rental property management services, which includes services such as: Free…

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Tips for Writing a Rental Property Listing to Land a Tenant

20 Sep

All the time and research you put into finding just the right investment property is probably not going to help you much when it comes to creating a listing to get that property rented. With so many listings out there for prospective tenants to choose from, you need to have one that not only catches their attention but also holds…

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Photographing and Videoing Your Vacation Rental Like a Pro

29 Aug

So, you’ve bought a really awesome vacation property. It’s going to provide you all sorts of enjoyment and when you’re not using it you can rent it out to cover the costs of ownership and hopefully more. Sounds like the perfect plan. Are you ready to get more rental bookings? Of course, if like so many people who have purchased…

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Big Mistakes Landlords Make Around Rent & Eviction

29 Aug

Money and contracts are always tricky subjects. People often find themselves getting really uncomfortable whenever a potential financial or legal disagreement seems to be rearing up. And when you’re in the business of collecting rent, problems of getting paid and ending leases are bound to happen sooner or later. If you haven’t yet had any issues with any of your…

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Books For Anyone Thinking About an Investment Property

29 Jul

When you first get into any new investment there are two things you can count on. First, that you are going to be looking for advice and ideas everywhere you go. Second, that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is going to be ready with their unsolicited, often uneducated, advice on just what you should do. It’s sometimes hard to…

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What NOT to do as a Landlord

22 Jul

When you decide to purchase an income property for the first time, there is always going to be a bit of a learning curve. Especially if you decide you are going to manage the property yourself. Everywhere you look there are going to be friends and relatives with advice; magazine articles with tips and tricks; and of course TV…

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The Landlord Summer To-Do List

05 Jul

It’s finally summertime. Time to relax with the family and enjoy those long sun-filled days with good friends and a little BBQ. However if you own an investment property, summer is also when you need to get some pretty important maintenance items checked off your to-do list. And of course, the more rain we’ve had through the winter, the…

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How to Make Your Rental Property Pop

17 Jun

Stand Out from the Rest Rental property is a wonderful form of income but a vacant property can actually cost you if left too long. When it comes to attracting tenants, the best way to do so is by ensuring that your listing has all of the elements a renter wants. When there is a myriad of listings all vying…

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The Rental Walkthrough Checklist for Vancouverites

11 Feb

With the vacancy rate in Vancouver reaching the lowest it’s been since 2008 it’s tempting just to jump on the first rental property you find that seems half-way decent. That said, the only thing worse than not being able to find a rental that fits your needs is being stuck in a lease with a place that turns out to…

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Is it Time to Speak to a Property Manager?

25 Jan

Trying to figure out whether you need to hire a property manager can be difficult, especially in a highly dynamic and unusual real-estate market like Vancouver. There’s so many different factors to consider! That’s why we’ve compiled all of them into this handy decision chart infographic that will help you figure out whether it’s better to go at it alone…

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The Ultimate Guide to Being a Good Property Manager

18 Jan

Property is hot. Especially in Vancouver. The stock market is all over the place; interest rates are still very low. And for these reasons so many people are looking to buy into real estate and buy a lot of it. If you are one of these new property investors, who has bought one, two, or maybe more investment properties for…

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The State of Vancouver Real Estate (infographic)

20 Dec

Some say it’s a bubble, others say there’s still tons of upside potential, either way,  the Vancouver real estate market is without a doubt, unique. Whether you think rising interest rates will begin a correction, or you believe that the falling of the Canadian dollar will further fuel foreign investors to buy property in Vancouver, there’s little doubt about the…

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Using a Property Manager For Your Investment Property vs. Airbnb

19 Dec

You’re thinking of buying an investment property, and you’re asking yourself, is this something I can manage on my own or do I need help? Which today often means, do I want to use a property management company or list it myself on Airbnb? Ever since Airbnb moved from being a place for wayward backpackers to rent a couch, to…

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How to find a good rental Property

17 Jul

HOW TO FIND A GOOD RENTAL PROPERTY Buying rental properties could be a good financial move to make and an excellent choice to take since it’s one of the fastest and most secure way to build wealth. However, as in most real estate investment, a lot of hard work and supreme patience must be invested in order to succeed in…

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