How Lighting Upgrades Can Benefit Residents and Multifamily Operations

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Lighting is essential on any property and the effects of particular lights can have a variety of effects for the people who live at the residence. The right house lighting can help people be more alert and energetic, as well as tired at appropriate time frames. Having the proper balance of light wavelengths is important for proper functioning.


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Lighting upgrades can increase the quality of life for residents by increasing residents’ exposure to certain light waves. Upgrading exterior house lights can also save a lot of money on electricity costs, which benefits all the residents as well as building owners.


Lighting upgrades can increase the quality of life for residents when Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is utilized.

HCL utilizes high quality LED lights which can focus on creating certain wavelengths of light which benefit humans. HCL Lighting is essential in any design house lighting because the lighting can be tailored for any home design. This is particularly effective when working with residents who have a variety of mental illnesses (anxiety, depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder). Even for those who do not have mental illness, HCL can help people gain energy and be more productive throughout the day. House lights set particular moods. HCL sets the right mood for humans to flourish, so the upgrade is worth the cost.

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Lighting upgrades also reduce electricity use and save money on energy bills.

LED lights have a long bulb life so they do not need to be replaced as often as incandescent or CFL bulbs. LED also use less electricity to create brighter lights. These light bulbs are focused on showing light and the process of illumination does not require a heat transfer which requires extra energy. LED’s cost more upfront but you will save over the long haul because of their long life.

The key goal in lighting upgrades is to reduce and this can also apply to your own lighting habits. Programmable timers which turn lights on and off can be a great addition for inside the house. Outdoor lights with motion sensors can greatly reduce the amount of energy used by using light more efficiently when needed. Personal reduction in use is just as important as finding a light source which is more efficient.

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In Conclusion

Lighting upgrades can add a lot of benefit to one’s property. Residents can feel increased benefits due to an efficient management of light wavelengths. And owners can see the cost savings because of greater efficiency of LED bulbs. Combining their efforts to install LED bulbs with devices which control use or only activate. This increases savings when certain conditions met (i.e. installing a motion sensor on lights in a restroom). Dimmers can also be helpful as residents may not need to have the full power of a light source for the occasion in which they are in the room. Using LED light bulbs along with a general reduction of use is a simple way to make more money from a property.