How to Solve the 5 Most Common Complaints from Tenants

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The landlord/tenant relationship is vital to master if you are going to have success as a landlord. This article will highlight 5 common complaints from tenants and how you can resolve those complaints. Knowing how to deal with landlord/tenant issues will prevent many headaches in the future.

As a precursor, it is also important to be proactive to try to anticipate problems before they occur. Being proactive will help you realize when something might go awry and you can be prepared to respond to the need which will present itself and avoid complaints. It is also important to distinguish between a need and a want as it will be highlighted below.


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Complaints #1: Security Deposits

Security deposits are often very important to former renters even if they are not at the forefront of your mind. As a landlord, it is important to know how security deposits are handled in your state. Returning security deposits in a timely manner after doing a final walkthrough of the property helps you have positive reviews from tenants. If there are problems or reasons why some or all of the security deposit is not being returned, then it should not be a surprise to the tenant.


Complaints #2: Repairs

Have a clear communication structure for your tenants. If something breaks or needs repair, you will want to know quickly about the problem. You can do anything from giving your tenants your phone number to having a form which residents fill out maintenance requests.

Complaints #3: Customer Service

Good customer service is important in order to retain clients. This means also being available for major emergencies at any time, e.g. the attic has termites. As a landlord, you should want to know immediately if there are termites in your attic.

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Complaints #4: Neighbors

Tenants might complain about neighbors. There are some noise-proofing and weather-sealing improvements you can do but these may not be enough. The situation is much easier if the neighbors are also your tenants. In this case, you have power over them such as refusing to renew a lease. If not, encourage your tenant to submit a complaint to them in writing and urge the tenant to keep a copy.

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Complaints #5: Pests

Finally, have a regular inspection for pests. There are a variety of reasons for infestations and it is important to have a professional give his or her opinion plus provide regular treatments to try to prevent infestations.

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In Conclusion

Tenant problems can be a major frustration for a landlord. Most common problems have to deal with lines of communication. If you can create an open line of communication when you starting renting to a tenant, you can prevent many of the problems listed in this chapter. Honesty and transparency are values which will serve you well as a landlord. The more likeable and trustworthy you are, the higher chance you have of someone wanting to rent from you.