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    Downtown Vancouver BC Property Management

    14 Jul
    BolldPMAdmin July 14, 2014 0
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    Bolld Property Management Professional and reliable rental management services in Downtown vancouver bc.we are based in downtown Vancouver BC. Initially we would meet with you at your convenience to discuss your plans for the use your your property. To serve you better we need to understand what are your expectations and how often are you willing to use the rental your self and/or your family and friends. After we have clear idea about the use, we will visit the property to take professional pictures, not even of your property, but also from the surrounding amenities and points of interest. In order to paint a clear picture to your potential guest, we take the shots for the video tour.

    After viewing the unit, we will review the current nightly rates and the current rental terms like minimum stay, pet and other policies. After the review we will suggest changes if necessary and will prepare marketing strategy.

    Inventory will be reviewed and recorded and the property will be inspected for any deficiencies including working condition of the appliances and electronic devices. We strive to optimize the energy consumption by installing energy saving light bulbs and explore other possibilities for improvement.

    Safety of your property and your guests is very important to us and it is necessary to review the check in and check out procedures to ensure safe access to the property and to prevent any losses.

    All accommodation fees are collected into a trust account. We are insured and bonded.

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