COVID-19: BC HYDRO Financial Relief Opportunity

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BC Hydro Financial Relief

With not only our nation but our entire world in the middle of a crisis, many of us have lost our income, and for how long no one knows. This affects everyone, because everyone is at risk of catching COVID-19, becoming unemployed, or incurring huge amounts of debt due to a loved one becoming sick or unemployed. I have been actually quite astonished at the number of big businesses who are doing what they can to lend a hand to those in crisis financially. One example of this is BC Hydro. I received an email from Chris O’Reilly, president and CEO of BC Hydro, discussing a few of the ways that his company is responding to the needs of the consumers.

COVID-19 Relief Fund

The COVID-19 Relief Fund is designed help the residential consumers who have become unemployed or have otherwise lost their income. It is a credit in the amount of three times the average of your monthly bill. You can apply for this fund beginning the week of April 12 and ending June 30, 2020 and the most amazing part is that you will never be held responsible to repay the credit. Think of it as a gift, if you will, which is separate from the COVID-19 Customer Assistance Program.

COVID-19 Customer Assistance Program

Like the Relief Fund this is meant to provide relief to those with financial difficulties, however, it does not forgive the payments, rather it defers payments or allows customers the option to set up a flexible payment plan.


Customer Crisis Fund grant

An example of how BC Power is looking after customers not only during this crisis, but always, the Customer Care Grant is yet another option for those who have suddenly become unemployed. This grant, while not created specifically for COVID-19 relief, can be used by those in financial need at this time. It is a one-time grant, similar to the Relief fund because it is not to be repaid, and is for customers who have experienced unemployment, illness or loss of wages.  This grant has been and will be available before and after the current crisis.

The applications for these funds and programs are on the BC Hydro Power website along with many more interesting articles and tidbits of information for electric consumers, such as how to lower your monthly electric bill, find project ideas, get emails from BC Hydro, read up on everyday electricity tips, enter for a chance to win a $50  reward, the option to join Team Power Smart and the opportunity to track your monthly electric usage.

I would like to recognize the efforts of BC Hydro during these difficult times and urge those who need assistance to apply for the grants or deferment program. Be sure to visit BC Hydro’s website for more information on assistance provided to customers in need at

Written by Leo Chrenko, the founder and managing broker at Bolld Real Estate Management. A locally owned and operated licensed property management company in Vancouver established in 2011.

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