4 Things To Consider When Buying A New Residential Central Air Conditioning Unit For Your Rental

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Did your tenant report about your broken Residential central air conditioning unit– AGAIN?

Thinking what Residential central air conditioning units to buy your rentals?

Looking into replacing the old dusty Residential central air conditioning unit?

Residential central air conditioning units are also difficult to install.
It is important to get your perfect choice the first time. Choosing a cheap one might end up costing you more in the future.

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Remember, it is always good to give your renters the best amenities.

This quick guide will help you find the right system for your needs.

There are 4 things to consider when you are selecting a residential central air conditioning unit.


What is the best central air conditioning unit?

This is an important question as a landlord. You need to check not only space but the brands themselves, to find the one that will fit your rental space.

First, is the type of system.

The type of system is often in place already. If the system was not installed correctly, then you may need to readjust the size of the system.
It is important to get the right size.

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Check if it will fit in your space and provide good coverage throughout the property. Tons is the right measurement to use. Bigger sizes can pump more air.


Second, find a reliable brand name.

With forced air systems and central air units, the brand name is very important. Each brand has its benefits and disadvantages.

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It is important to do good research and find the right brand for you.
This is as important as the type of system you choose so please pick the brand well.

Here are some good sites for scouting good buys:

Third, get a good warranty.

Most companies have a 5-to-10 year warranty on parts. You can get a service plan for a couple years for the HVAC system.

This is also important as servicing an HVAC system is important for proper function. Maintenance on an HVAC system is difficult so this is not something an average landlord is capable of doing on his or her own.

You must hire an expert company like Milani if you want your HVAC system maintained or repaired.


Finally, do what you can to increase tenant rent when the next lease agreement comes around.

Air conditioning units and maintenance are expensive so if you are offering a good price already, it is alright to raise your rates a little. Slight raises also help you keep up with market trends as long as you are offering better amenities on your property.

Residential central air conditioning units are important amenities on your property. Over the long term, you will save money on climate control costs and tenant complaints.

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