5 Curb Appeal Ideas To Help You Sell Your Property Faster

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If you’re thinking about selling your real estate property – whether it be residential or rental, you need to up your property’s curb appeal. This article will give you quick and inexpensive curb appeal ideas that will help you sell your home faster. It will also increase the value of not just your house, but also your neighborhood.

What Is Curb Appeal And Why Is It Important?

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your property as seen from a few meters away, especially from the street. The better looking the property is from afar, the higher the curb appeal and the perceived value.

As a real estate investor, increasing curb appeal will attract not only more interested buyers. But it will attract higher quality buyers as well. As the saying goes, you’ll never have a second chance to make a first impression. Making sure that your property is attractive will give the buyers the impression that you are not just after their money.

Does Curb Appeal Sell A House Or Add Value To Your Home?

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Yes, it does. And it’s backed by research. According to research done at Michigan State University, a property with an obvious landscaping effort and high curb appeal increases its perceived value by 5% to 11%.

That’s a high return on investment for just a few efforts and maintenance on your home. Make sure to read the entire article to get some curb appeal ideas. We’ve gathered some inexpensive but quick things you can apply on your property to make it captivating.

How Can I Get Curb Appeal For Cheap?

You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars just to make your home more attractive. You don’t even need to hire landscapers. A few hundred dollars and some effort will do if you know where to focus on and what exactly to improve. Here are some ideas you can start with to increase your property’s curb appeal.

  • Clean the Yard

One of the cheapest solutions that will immediately make your property more attractive is cleaning the yard. You’ll be surprised how many homeowners and real estate investors ignore the importance of a clean yard. They let dried leaves, dried stems, and mud stays there.

Not only does it decrease the value of your property, it also screams that you don’t care as an investor. And these turn high-quality buyers off. It’s important to regularly clean your yard. Remove the decaying leaves, stems, and trash that makes it look unappealing.

  • Mow the Lawn
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Tall and healthy weeds are not an appealing sight for a property. Especially if you’re thinking about selling it. This is why you need to consistently mow your lawn.

A greener lawn is attractive. And if you want it to be more appealing, you can invest in a sprinkler or pressure washer that costs around $100 to $200 at your local store. This investment will make your greener lawn sparkle.

You can also add bushes around your yard or along the parkway. This gives your lawn a classy and clean look. It’s a great addition that will make your property sell faster.

  • Repaint the Door


Before listing your property, you need to clean and repaint your door. It’s one of the first things that your buyers will see and making it “pop” captures people’s attention. If your property is rented, you can talk to your tenant to agree on a schedule of when you’re going to have the door repainted.

If you have a little extra, you can invest in a totally new door. According to the Cost vs. Value Report from Remodelling Magazine, replacing your old door with a new, steel one can yield as high as 90% ROI.

  • Add Some Fixture

One of the cheapest but attention-grabbing things you can do on your curb appeal is to add some fixtures in it. You can add big rocks or pink flamingos to your lawn. It’s low maintenance especially when you’re always cleaning it, yet it’s eye-catching.

  • Change the Lights


Finally, you can change the lights on your patio or outside your house. The right kind of light will give a welcoming and inviting impression to those who look at it. Also, a well-lit pathway towards your door communicates warmth.

These are just some curb appeal ideas that you can immediately implement on your property. Not only will it increase the perceived value of your home, it will also make it sell faster.

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