4 Reasons Why You Need To Rent Your Home When You Travel Frequently

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Ryan owns a home in Vancouver BC, but he travels a great deal for business. He used to worry about his house while he was away, especially for long periods of time. He didn’t know anyone that could check on his house while he was away but he really needed to ensure that property management and upkeep were provided for in his absence.

What would you have done in that same situation?

Ryan, one of our landlords,  considered house sitting as a first option. But, house sitters, understandably, cost money. His friend suggested, ” Why don’t you rent your home?”

Ryan had the brilliant idea of putting his home up for rent while he was away. With a renter, he would be able to provide for house sitting while at the same time generating some income, two very good reasons why you should also rent your home.

He was nervous at first about the prospect of turning his home over to complete strangers. But he realized that he didn’t have to make such a difficult decision without some professional, unbiased support in the form of a property manager.

There are a number of really good reasons Ryan chose to hire a professional property management firm to manage the rental of his home.

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Ryan knew that he would not be available at a moment’s notice to take care of any emergency issues or urgently needed repairs. A local property manager could take care of those emergency situations for him.



His property management firm which is us has an extensive network of professional connections with vendors, which means we can provide high quality and affordable services for his tenants, which would make him and his tenants happy.

As Beverly Browning says, “Happy tenants stay longer and that results in lower vacancy and turnover costs for you.”



Ryan knew that he would not be able to inspect his home regularly while he was away. But, he knew that a professional property manager could perform periodic inspections of his property to ensure it was being cared for properly.



He knew that there is a great deal of emotional attachment to a home, and that the process of renting his home would be an emotional one. Likewise, He knew he might also find himself in a situation where he had become emotionally involved with his tenant, which would then influence decisions that should strictly be made from a professional perspective. Hiring a professional property manager to handle the process would effectively remove any emotional complications that could occur when renting a house.


As a frequent traveler with a home to care for like Ryan, he made the decision to provide for a more profitable form of house sitting by renting his home. In doing this, He made the wise decision to hire a property management company like Bolld Real Estate Management, to handle his home as a rental property. It’s been a good decision.

And, after all of this, I bet you are maybe thinking that you might want to rent your home, too, right?

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