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15 Winter Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Property Looking its Best

14 Dec
Leo Chrenko December 14, 2017 0
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Winter can be the bugbear for gardeners but if you follow these landscaping tips then you’ll have a garden to be proud of.

With lots of ways to leave your garden looking stunning, even over winter, these landscape design tips will keep your garden looking bright and colorful even on the greyest of days. So take a look at our landscaping gardening tips and see which ones suit your garden best!

1. Know Your Zone

One of the most important landscaping tips we can give you is to know your climate as this allows you to puts the right plants in that will be able to cope with your winter climate.

2. Keep Watering

As landscaping gardening tips go this might seem obvious but we tend to ignore the need for watering in those winter months. Keep watering and watch your plants flourish.

3. Rake

Although we all understand the importance of raking when the leaves fall from the trees the amount of plant debris that builds up over winter is astounding and so you should always keep raking.

4. Cover Trees

Another one of the best landscaping gardening tips keep trees with thin bark in sunny areas wrapped to prevent issues with both the frost and sun.

5. Fertilize Your Lawn

One of our favorite landscape design tips, using a rich fertilizer before the first frost not only acts to protect your lawn but means it will come in looking luscious in the summer.

6. Protect From Road Salt

Shrubs and small trees placed near roads need a cover to protect from salt.

7. Mulch

One of the easiest to follow landscaping tips use leaves you raked up in fall to protect your plant beds from the worst of the cold.

8. Keep Grass Short

Another of the greatest landscape design tips shorter grass is less at risk of frostbite meaning it will be lovely come spring.

9. Sprinkling Systems

Sprinkling systems are a danger zone during the winter unless you remember to push compressed air through the pipes before a bad freeze. Any water left in the pipes can freeze, expand and burst the pipe.

10. Pots

As landscaping gardening tips go this is an easy one, add a few boxwood trees to your garden for instant greenery.

11. Bark & Berries

Trees with rich bark or those that have winter berries can add a splash of depth and color to your garden.

12. Winter-Blooming Flowers

Depending on your latitude you’ll find a multitude of flowers that flower over winter – take advantage of these!

13. Winter Trees

Maple trees and evergreen hollies both bring life to the garden in winter months.

14. Prune Trees

One of the best landscaping tips around, without the leaves on the tree it’s much easier to see damaged branches and chop them off!

15. Lighting

Outdoor lighting can look stunning, especially in winter. Take advantage of this and build up a fairytale garden.
What are the other ways you do to keep your house clean and looking at its best even in winter?
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