Top 5 Things to Check When Conducting A Final Walk-Through

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The Final Walk-Through Checklist for Homebuyers

When purchasing a new house, you want to make sure everything is perfect. It is a big decision and a very long-term investment. It is important to conduct a Final walk-through of your potential new home and check for any factors that may lead you to have a hard life while living there. This list of things to check for can help you prevent signing on to a less than ideal living space.

I. Exterior and Lawn


Make sure that the outside of the house looks exactly like it was when it was proposed to you. Roofing, siding, and painting are all projects that can be costly, so make sure that these things are in the right condition. Also make sure the grass is healthy, the trees and bushes are where they are supposed to be, and the driveways and paths are laid out in accordance with your expectations.

II. Doors, Windows, and Openings


Doors that are squeaky and windows that are not properly sealed or installed can lead to everyday troubles. Make sure hinges on the doors are not rusty or broken, as well as noisy. Windows can also be problematic if they are installed incorrectly, or if they do not open properly. Also make sure that the trim around both windows and doors are clean and not deteriorating; damaged trim can lead to cold air getting in and water from the weather damaging the interior. Also make sure any garage or shed doors are operational. 

III. Appliance Functions


Broken air conditioning, heating, dishwasher, fridge/freezer, and laundry appliances can lead to a tough time in your first days at a new house. Run the air conditioning and heating while you are inspecting other things to make sure they work. It would also be a good idea to run the dishwasher as well as the laundry washer and dryer once to make sure they function. Check the fridge and freezer as well. Make sure the fans on these devices are spinning and that their interiors are cold. Run all sinks and faucets on both hot and cold settings to make sure they are not backed up, as well as check that the shower toggle in the bathroom is not stuck or broken.

IV. Electrical Outlets


A faulty outlet can cause you to have to make major adjustments to the furniture layouts of each `of your rooms if you move in. Bring your phone charger with you and plug it in to each outlet in every room, including the kitchen and bathroom. Making sure hair dryers and microwaves will work in their respective rooms is important for your daily life as well as TVs, lamps, and other outlet-using devices. Make sure you record which rooms have faulty outlets. 

V. Signs of Pests


Nobody wants to discover their new home is infested with termites, roaches, raccoons, mice, or any other variation of pests. It is paramount that you look for evidence of the presence of pests before you sign your papers. Checking for animal droppings, dead bugs around the kitchen as well as wall trim and windows, sinking spots in the floor from termites, and possible holes in the exterior for animal entry can help you prevent buying a home that may already have some unwelcome occupants living there.