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At Bolld Real Estate Management, we work with plenty of homeowners who have busted themselves and bleed their resources trying to market and manage their vacation homes by themselves.

It might seem like you’re saving money by avoiding a management fee, but you end up paying for a lot of smaller expenditures that are easy to go unnoticed when you’re working out a budget.

And that’s not even getting into the cost of your precious time. It takes a lot of energy and creativity to market your home effectively, field calls from prospective guests, placate unhappy ones, make sure you’re up-to-date with the right permits and licenses, handle your taxes, oversee cleaning and maintenance, research the optimal rates for vacation homes in your area during every season…whew! Too much work.

Bolld Real Estate Management’s all-in-one marketing and management fee means that you’re never surprised by how much you pay to keep your vacation home in shape – and consistently booked. It also means that your life isn’t interrupted by any of the unavoidable pains we just mentioned. As a Bolld homeowner, you just sit back and collect your payment every month. You will even receive a monthly summary of your property statistics for reference.

Here’s a list of things that you charge to yourself when you choose to manage your vacation rental by yourself – in money, energy and time.

Property Management Vacation Rentals

  • Marketing and advertising  including professional photography and writing copy of your advertisement
  • Managing reviews
  • Staging and interior decorating
  • Housekeeping, including cleaning products, laundry, and guest amenities
  • Indoor and outdoor maintenance, including landscaping, pruning and planting, hot tub and pool cleaning, carpet cleaning, seasonal deep cleans, snow removal, and sprinkler installation and repair / Remaining on-call for guests
  • Handling reservations, inquiries, and check-ins
  • Processing payments
  • Dealing with refunds and other unforeseen losses
  • 24/7 communication with guests and concierge service
  • Rate setting and optimization
  • Accounting and taxes
  • Securing permits and licenses
  • Keeping abreast of strata corporation policies and other community regulations
  • Managing vendors

At Bolld Real Estate Management, our goal is to take the weight off your shoulders.

When you work with us, you’re hiring a dedicated team of marketing pros, rate optimization experts, locally-focused property managers, seasoned housekeepers, and reservation specialists, virtually present 24/7 property managers, all of whom are laser-focused on the success of your property.

We won’t nickel-and-dime you, and we won’t intrude on your life – we’ll just manage your property impeccably and get you a better return on your investment than you ever thought was possible. It’s really that easy.