Our one month guarantee

  • The one-month or 30 days start when the rental listing goes live. And the day of successfully finding a qualified tenant is considered the day when an application is approved by us and meets our screening requirements, and not necessarily when the tenant signs the tenancy agreement or moves in and starts paying as usually, the tenants are looking for a home to rent about 4 to 6 weeks prior to the move in as a full one month notice is required in British Columbia by law.  
  • Homes, where the owners choose not to accept pets, are not eligible for our guarantee as more than one-third of households in Vancouver have a pet. 
  • Owners of eligible homes qualify by accepting the recommended asking rent and by adjusting the rate as needed as per our recommendation. The home needs to be clean and in good repair. Reduction in rates will be recommended based on current market conditions. Generally, if we are not receiving inquiries or applications it indicates the rate is too high. The recommendations will be communicated to you throughout the leasing process and we will notify you of any guarantee issues ahead of time such as no longer being eligible due to not accepting our recommendations.
  • Placement is for tenancies of 12 months or longer unless the owner instructs us to rent for a shorter term in which case the placement fee would be applicable even for shorter terms.

Please note that our one-month guarantee currently applies to unfurnished rentals only.