We take care of everything and our service is all inclusive

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    Property Management Rental Buildings


    Bolld Real Estate Management provides complete property management services from marketing, tenant placement to management.

    Bolld Real Estate Management caters services to accessible and lavish condos, houses, apartments and townhouses in the areas of Downtown Vancouver, West and North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam and  Whistler.

    Our licensed and knowledgeable Property Managers provide exceptional services to administer the right type of rental management service to your real estate investment property and the choices that favor you.

    If you own a rental property in Vancouver Lower Mainland  then Bolld Real Estate Management can take away the stress from owning a rental building. We have experience in everything from single family homes to mixed use multifamily/commercial buildings. We take care of all aspects of building management so that you do not have to.

    Building management services include the following:

    Rent Invoicing

    We send invoices to all tenants a week before the end of the month; this invoice contains a breakdown of all rents, charges, and fees they are required to pay. Tenants also have access to online services, all they have to do is log in and they will be able to confirm that all payments have been processed or they can make a one time payment.

    Rent Collection

    Our online services also allow tenants the ability to pay their rent by logging onto our website with no additional fee for using this service. We understand how important it is for you to receive your rental payments so if a tenant has not paid by the 3rd of the month we will send them a reminder. If the rent is still not paid, we will follow up with an official 10 days notice for unpaid rent and take all necessary steps until full payment has been received.

    Transparent Expense Payment

    We thoroughly check each and every invoice for errors and discrepancies before they are sent to the tenant. All expenses are subject to your approval. All bills are charged to you at cost and we do not upcharge any maintenance. We do have a list of reliable contractors that we worked with, but you are free to choose your own contractors and we will be happy to work with them.

    For more expensive projects or ongoing contracts we usually obtain a minimum of three quotes to ensure a most cost efficient solution.

    Tenant Requests

    Our experience in property management means that we know exactly what tenants expect and what tenants often request. Our custom request tracking system ensure that all tenant requests are received the same day this saves our owners time and money and leave our tenants feeling satisfied. Our tenants can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, email, or our website.

    Repair and Maintenance Issues

    We believe by acting quickly we can prevent small issues from turning into big issues. We also can assist with the maintenance of irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, HVAC systems, and more. We can provide assistance to ensure that you find reliable and correctly insured companies to undertake the work to high quality and for the best price.

    Lease and Lease Renewal Preparation

    We provide all necessary paperwork and proper lease documents giving you security. We tailor each document to your needs and requirements and prepare all documents for lease renewals, tenant extensions, rent stabilization, and free market leases. We stay up to date with the current market conditions and all changes in the law and regulations.

    Apartment Turnover Services

    We will carry out a pre-move inspection of the property two weeks before the lease expires. We will carry out a further inspection of the property once the tenant moves out. Our team will be looking for damages and missing items. We will take care of any required repairs and replacements whilst ensuring the appropriate deductions are obtained from the tenant’s security deposit. We will oversee all work done to the apartment including painting and decorating, basic maintenance, floor rework, and any other repairs and sprucing required. We will ensure that costs and expenses are kept as low as possible.

    Emergency Repair Assistance

    Each tenant is given our direct emergency response number that is available 24 hours a day. This ensures that we can deal with an emergency as soon as it arises. We strive to ensure a timely response to all emergencies to ensure that a small issue does not turn into a big catastrophe. Our team has expertise to know whom to contact in an emergency and we will ensure that you are not taken advantage of during a crisis by maintaining an onsite presence.

    Capital Improvement Oversight

    We will oversee any work to the apartment no matter how big or small to ensure your property remains at the current market value standards. We have a strong working relationship with a number of contractors allowing us to save you a lot of money. We closely supervise all our vendors to ensure you high quality at budget prices. We oversee the whole renovation process from start to finish ensuring your money is not being wasted.

    Monthly and Annual Accounting Statement Preparation

    We conduct monthly and annual accounts to ensure that tracking of your financial assets are made easy. You will receive your monthly owner’s financial statement by the 15th of each month, which details all expenses, and income of all your assets, including all receipts. You also have access to these statements on our website, which you can easily share with all your investors. This will aid you in filing your annual tax returns as all the monthly reporting is done for you.

    Legal Services

    We do all we can to avoid all legal issues, however if any should occur then we can help. We ensure our team stays up to date on all changes to Canadian and BC housing laws.

    We handle any disputes or arbitration on your behalf. Any dispute resolutions on Residential Tenancy Branch level are handled by us as a part of the service.

    Routine Property Inspections

    We perform regular property inspections whilst your property is not occupied to ensure everything is in good working order. If we find any issues, such as a leak or something is broken, we will take photographs and report any issues to you to ensure you are always kept up to date on the condition of your property.

    Boiler, Elevator and Life Safety Equipment Inspection and Monitoring

    We will coordinate and facilitate any equipment inspections that are required by law to ensure your building is kept safe and secure and to avoid any fines or violations.

    We maintain a lower ratio of property per single manager to ensure that your investment receives comprehensive care. Our managers know their properties and their markets. As a result, we maximize and safeguard your investment.


    We take care of everything and our service is all inclusive

    Enter your name and email now to receive the details right away!