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Bolld Real Estate Management provides complete property management services from marketing, tenant placement to management. We cater services to accessible and lavish condos, houses, apartments and townhouses in the areas of Downtown Vancouver, West and North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam and Whistler. Our licensed and knowledgeable Property Managers provide exceptional services to administer the right type of rental management service to your real estate investment property and the choices that favors you.

We maintain a lower ratio of properties per single manager to ensure that your investment receives comprehensive care. Our managers know their properties and their markets. As a result, we maximize and safeguard your investment.

We maximize and safeguard your investment because of our:

  • Low Vacancy Rates
  • Placement of Right and Qualified Tenants
  • Maintenance of your investment property’s value
  • Our managers know their properties and markets that is why your risk is minimized.
  • We are are insured and fully licensed by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia
  • We research, define the best use of your property and market it, ensuring maximum exposure and maximum rental income
  • We find qualified tenants for your property
  • We collect the rent, security and pet deposits from your tenants
  • We offer you monthly and annual accounting services including monthly statements and non-resident tax filing
  • We facilitate payments for all property related expenses and deposit the net rental income directly to your account in a safe and timely manner
  • We take care of all repairs and maintenance your property requires on time, cost efficiently with quality assured
  • We take legal actions to enforce the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA)

Service Overview

We are here to help make managing your investment properties a lot less stressful for you. We have perfected our services so that you can just earn money rather than stress out about the day-to-day management of your investment property.

Our Services for Apartment and House Management Include:

Invoicing Rent

We understand how important it is for the landlords to receive their rent in timely manor. Through our company, we will ensure that your tenants get the invoice for their rent a week before the end of the month. We sent it out via email or mail and it will include a breakdown of everything that their lease includes, such as utilities and other fees in addition to the monthly rent. We have a website setup where tenants can make the rent payments easily and check their balances and confirm payments.

Rent Collection

Rent collection is a breeze, especially as payments can be made directly on our website so you can get your money quicker. To make it if even better, we do not charge any additional fee for paying directly on our site and tenants can pay using their credit cards. If the rent is not paid by the 3th of the month, the tenant will receive reminders until the rent is paid.

Bill Payments

We understand that owning a property in Vancouver is costly and it can be a challenge to cover all your expenses from the rent.We are very careful to carefully review and analyze each invoice to ensure that there are no errors on the invoices, including overcharges. All your expenses are at cost. We do not up charge the maintenance and we do not charge you any processing fees for arranging the repairs or to overlook improvements.

We do not spend your money without your knowledge and we track all expense approvals in writing. All work orders must be approved by you before they are made unless it is an emergency that could result in an injury or damage to your property or the property of the tenant.

We guarantee, No approval, No deduction policy. If our agents do not obtain your approval prior to making the work order, we will not charge you, unless it was an emergency.

We set with you an allowance that you are comfortable with for expenses that we can authorize at our discretion. It can be as little as $50, but you can also set it to $0. It depends on you whatever you are comfortable with and how much do you want to be involved. We just ask that you get back to us within reasonable time to keep your tenants satisfied.

Assistance with Rental Insurance

Insurance can be a very complex thing especially when it comes to investment property. You want to make sure that you are covered so that your investment is protected. We can find you the best insurance policy for the best rates, getting you the quotes to make this decision as well as help you through the insurance process.

Tenant Requests

Since we have a lot of experience in handling the needs of tenants, you can trust that we can be trusted in meeting their expectations. We have a tracking system that is customized to your property, which will save you time and money while also ensuring your tenants are completely satisfied. Our team can be connected at all hours of the day so tenants can discuss their concerns. We also have a same day response team that confirms any requests from tenants.

Maintenance and Repair Issues

As a result of this quick response team, we can ensure that these problems from becoming bigger and more costly problems. If there is a problem like there is something wrong with the HVAC or sprinkler system, we can arrange for a reputable and fully insured and licensed technician fixes it right away. We will find the best contractor for the best price.

Preparations of Leases, Lease Renewals and Rent Increases.

Leases are an important document for your property. For this reason, we will specifically tailor these documents to your property. We stay current with all the laws regarding these matters so you know we are creating legally sound documents that will protect both you and your tenants.

With the ever changing market conditions we make sure to keep your rental rate up to date. We make sure to administer rent increases in timely manor with no delays.

Rent renewals and rent increases are free of charge. It is part of our service.

Assistance with Board Application for Renewals or New Tenants

When you choose our company, we can assist you with board packages. We will track these to make sure they are prepared and processed in a timely manner. We can answer any questions that you have throughout this process.

Turnover Services for Apartments

You want to make sure your apartment is ready to rent out when a tenant moves out and we can help you with that. We will conduct the property inspections 2 weeks before the lease is up. Once the tenant moves out, we will go back in to see if there is any damage or if anything has been removed from the property. If there is, we will get estimates to see how much this will cost to fix. From there, we will take this money from the security deposit. We can also oversee other turnover work including basic maintenance and painting.

Assistance with Emergency Repairs

We are available 24/7 in order to handle your tenants’ needs, especially if an emergency comes up. Thanks to our emergency response team, we have been able to handle most situations before they become a huge disaster that can be very hard to recover from. We know exactly who to call for various situations so we can get things done quickly.

Overseeing Renovations

Updates are essential if you want to attract tenants and always have someone in your units. We can save you money because we have great relationships with local contractors and we will oversee the process for you. This can ensure that the job is done correctly and within your budget.

Attending Strata Corporation Meetings

Sometimes property owners are unable to attend the annual general meetings. In those cases, we can go in your place and inform you of anything that goes on. Often important matters are discussed at this meetings that can affect you. Matters like annual budget, special levies and rental restrictions can have a significant impact on your financial performance of your property. We will share with you every detailed notes and discuss any issues that may have been brought up so that a plan can be created to solve these matters.

Preparation of Monthly and Annual Accounting Statements

The whole point of this investment property is to make money but you will not be able to know how much you are without any statements to track this information for you. You will receive monthly and annual statements from us to see just how your property is performing.

Tax Filing Assistance

We can work with your accountant or help you find someone in order to ensure that your taxes are done properly. This way you can avoid fines and unnecessary payments, saving you money in the long run.

Services for Furnishing and Inventory

Our team will keep an inventory of your units and create a statement that your tenants must sign when they move in. This will help you down the line in case there are disputes in the future. We can replace any broken items before your new tenants move in. We also have interior design experts on staff that can decorate the space according to your needs and specifications while making it look aesthetically appealing to tenants.

Handling Disputes

We try our best to avoid any legal problems but sometimes these can still arise. We are always current with the latest housing laws so that we can make sure that your property is compliant with all of the recent regulations. We are experienced with handling dispute resolutions and arbitrations. It is part of our service and when issues arise that require a Dispute Resolution on Residential Tenancy Branch level we will make sure to represent and protect your interest.

Routine Property Inspections

If your unit is not currently being rented out, we will regularly inspect the property to make sure that everything is in great condition. We check to see if there are any issues in the place and get them repaired so your apartment is always tenant ready.

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