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At Bolld Property Management we believe that every owner and each property requires personal attention. Our personalized services and rates cater to your needs and circumstances. We take pride in what we do and take care of your property as it was our own. We maintain a lower ratio of properties per single manager to ensure that your investment receives comprehensive care. Our managers know their properties and their markets. As a result, we maximize and safeguard your investment.

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  • We are insured and fully licensed by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia
  • We research, define the best use of your property and market it, ensuring maximum exposure and maximum rental income
  • We find qualified tenants for your property
  • We collect the rent, security and pet deposits from your tenants
  • We offer you monthly and annual accounting services including monthly statements and non-resident tax filing
  • We facilitate payments for all property related expenses and deposit the net rental income directly to your account in a safe and timely manner
  • We take care of all repairs and maintenance your property requires on time, cost efficiently with quality assured
  • We take legal actions to enforce the Residential Tenancy Act
vacation rental


  • We are fully insured, bonded and licensed by the Consumer Protection Agency of British Columbia
  • We help you set up your vacation rental with all necessary equipment
  • We research the rates and design marketing strategy based on seasonality and location
  • We efficiently market your property on most popular vacation rental websites
  • We provide full booking service and management
  • We screen the guest, regularly check the inventory and collect the damage deposit
  • We offer 24/7 check in and check out access to the properties
  • We offer the maintenance and cleaning of the properties
  • We collect the accommodation fees and remit the GST generated by the property
  • We provide full financial statements
  • We offer access to booking for owner’s personal use
tenant placement


  • Initial inspection and suggestions
  • Assess and research the rental value of your property
  • Facilitate and coordinate any necessary maintenance
  • Marketing and positioning of your property
  • Walk-through and showings of your property to prospective tenants
  • Prepare the BC Residential Tenancy Agreement
  • Thorough background check including credit worthiness of the tenant
  • Negotiate the lease terms
  • Collect the security/pet deposit and first months rent
  • Perform the move-in inspection
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Our rates are reasonable and straight forward. There are no strings attached and there are no hidden fees.We do not beat around the bush, just give us a call or email us and you get your quote right away. We are confident about our services and our rates.




Reasonable Personalized Rates– our efficient and sophisticated system allows us to charge you less and offer you more.

Online Accounting – you can access your online accounting profile anytime, anywhere to review and track the payments and collection of the rent.

Innovative Marketing – we will go through all the recent rentals in the area, compare your property to those listed and determine the range your condo will rent for. The best use of your property will be defined and the property will be marketed through multiple channels to different target markets. This gives your property maximum exposure and keeps your unit occupied.

Distinct Positioning – downtown apartments allow us flexible property usage. Depending on the season, we will develop a marketing strategy specific to your unit, involving different terms and can rent the unit on monthly and/or weekly basis. A standard 1 bedroom apartment downtown can earn net rental income as much as $39,000 annually.


Qualified Tenants – we have qualified tenants and every new tenant is thoroughly screened. The background check includes a credit check, references, and review of the rental history.

Diligent Inspections – the frequency of the inspection is determined by the use of the property. More frequent inspections come with a higher turnover of the tenant. In the case of short-term rentals, the property is inspected and cleaned on a routine, weekly or monthly basis.

Tenant Insurance – With us, it’s a must.


Secure and Timely Rent Collection – we collect your rent to an audited trust account and deposit it straight into your account.

Payment of Property Expenses – we can facilitate payments of all your property related expenses on your behalf.

Maintenance – we maintain maintenance staff and provide you with complimentary maintenance and affordable “at cost” rates for additional work or improvements.

Non-Resident Tax Filing– we file your property related taxes free of charge.

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Are you wondering how much can you property rent for?

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Reasonable Personalized Rates

Online Accounting

Innovative Marketing

Distinct Positioning


Qualified Tenants

Diligent Inspections

Tenant Insurance

24-hr On Call Property Managers


Secure and Timely Rent Collection

Payment of Property Expenses


Non-Resident Tax Filing



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