Property Maintenance

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Be a carefree home owner.

Whether you own one or own many properties we make sure that your investment is safe and profitable. You worked hard to purchase your property and we will work hard too to keep your property in the best possible condition. For your convenience our company maintains a full time train and fully insured maintenance staff.

What happens when the property is not maintained properly?

If the property is not properly cleaned and fixed after each move out, first of all you will not get as much in rent, the tenant will not be fully happy and the worst part is that the property in such a shape will be handed from one tenant to another and damaged even more. At this point the property managers are helpless and the only way to bring your property to a spotless condition is by paying for the services.

What do we do different?

Even a simple one coat of paint can give your property a brand new look and with the purchase of the platinum service package you get it for free with signing a one year property management contract. The unit will be also fully inspected and commercially cleaned before each move in. Our company believes that only a property in a spotless condition is a good start for a new tenancy. We rent the property in perfect condition and we expect the property to be returned in perfect condition after the tenant moves out. Part of our contract is the agreement of the tenant to clean the unit professionally after the move out and again with a renewal of the contract you get a free painting job. While we clean the unit professionally we conduct a comprehensive inspection. Who can inspect the place better than the person who details every single inch of the place? That’s right we mean detailing. Any problem will be discovered and fixed right away of course upon your approval.

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