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When seeking a new residence to rent, if you have a dog, there are things you have to consider. Having any pet brings in a set of different rules and regulations for owners in how to raise them in a certain place that helps the individuals and the pets. All the pet-friendly settings should answer the following questions and give such assurances.

First, there is the space in a home based on the size of the dog. Look at the layout and see if a one-bedroom or multi-room home is good enough for your dog. Also, see any private spots outside and nearby open common areas. Dogs do need plenty of room to run around, as well as have a place where you can walk it. Is the place you are looking at pet-friendly?

Neighbors are not fond of continuous dog barking and will complain if it doesn’t stop. Get an apartment that goes away from many common areas and, if you can tell, has some thick walls to contain the barking. Dogs can bark if they stare at a window facing the sideways or any open walkway when they see someone.

What about the stairs? Do they have problems going up and down? If the dog still lives in a crate, make sure you have enough space to put it in.

Then, look around the community and find how many dog owners there are to pick up the friendly factor. Of course have the grass space where they can go for their potty (please do not forget to pick it up).

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Probably the most important thing to look at is the pet policy for the apartment building or the property. Some disallow pets, some have strict rules for pets, and others are friendly. The managers can explain thoroughly when inquiring.

Ask those questions regarding dogs living around including deposits for dogs, monthly fees, and size/breed guidelines. Many places will require a separate deposit for the pet, one less than the security deposit. You may think it isn’t fair that there are strict rules about dogs, but it is about the safety of the others as well as protecting against damage to the apartment.

After getting the manager’s permission for having your dog in the home, get a contract signed so you have a copy of the rules. It is the same as signing your lease to the apartment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding a dog policy. A no-pets clause can usually be slipped in and not big on the text, so read everything first.

In Conclusion

This is going to be your home and the dog’s home as well. Make sure it is the right place and the perfect spot for your pooch in living its own habitat.

How much can your home rent for?