Featured Property: Furnished Penthouse in Capitol Downtown

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In this double decker penthouse, seek an amenity and ye shall find. From an all-encompassing fitness center to a fun barbeque set, you’ve got it all. But let’s look at it from the basics. It’s a whopping 1800 square feet, 41 stories into the skyline, with three bedrooms, and an office—let’s not forget, to top it all, a comfortable 3.5 baths. Let it be known to the world that the roof you live under is not only gorgeous, but wonderfully spacious.

Your amenities don’t end there. If a tanning bed was what you were looking for, you’ve got a few of those. And if that wasn’t what you were looking for, well, no harm in a little R&R. But if you wanted to go the polar opposite route, why not make your way to the gym?

You get two parking stalls, but don’t worry; you’re walking distance to plenty of entertainment. And why would you even have a need to leave the house when you have a fully installed 3D TV in a lavish living room you would never want to leave. Oh and did I mention the views of the ocean and mountains?

But that’s not the end of your environmental perks. Step outside into the patio and behold all the wonders of household foliage, with a wide array of potted plants and trees. Scenic, indoors and out—for those who are holding onto every semblance of nature.

Fearing the Canadian cold? Not to worry; with the gas fireplace, not only can you keep warm, but you’ll also find the perfect aesthetic and ambiance. Speaking of aesthetic, this penthouse is the perfect mix of classic and modern, where light wood meets a metal. But if for any reason, you didn’t find this to be your perfect penthouse setup, you can choose to rent the place out, unfurnished. Whatever floats your boat.

If you’re sold on this wonderful penthouse, and would like upwards of a six month lease, make sure to check out Bolld Real Estate Management; you won’t be disappointed. For inquiry on any other Vancouver rental property management, or Whistler rental properties, Bolld is once again, your go to. Happy home hunting!

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