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105 Ave & University Dr, Surrey, BC


District Northwest is located in the heart of Surrey’s growing city centre. 

Residential Plan

1st phase of a two-tower development – District Northwest will comprise 610 units across 45 stories, while the second tower will encompass 410 units across 39 stories. 


Type			     Size			                Starting Price 
Studio			 423-619 (sqft)		$299,900 
1 bedroom		 409-693 (sqft)		$367,900
1 bedroom +den 	 445-862 (sqft)		$424,900
Jr 2 bedroom	 557-707 (sqft)		$493,900
2 bedroom	         742-825 (sqft)		$687,900
2 bedroom +den	 738-960 (sqft)		$707,900
3 bedroom            866-1180 (sqft)		$719,900

Estimated strata fees $ 0.50/sqft 

Deposit Structure: 20%
Initial Deposit  $10,000 upon writing 
2nd Deposit      Increase to 10% on or before 7 day rescission period 
3rd Deposit       5% due after the later of (i) 6 months after acceptance of Offer and/or 
                            (ii) Building Permit 
4th Deposit       5% due 90 days following payment of the 3rd deposit 
                             *(2 bedroom homes and larger - 5% due 12 months following payment of 3rd             deposit)

Floor plans and Features – Pending from developer

Current Status


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