BC Government extends rental supplement and moratorium of rent increases, but other eviction rules will be changing soon!

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TRS and moratorium of rent increases extended until August 31st

VANCOUVER: As announced last week, the BC government is extending the temporary rental supplement (TRS) until the end of August 2020 to support renters and landlords as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the household incomes. 

People who have already been approved for the TRS don’t need to reapply, unless they’ll be living at a different rental property before August 31st. They will receive an email to confirm if the residential address will be the same through July and August.

New applications will be accepted until the end of August and will be effective from the month received.  Click the link below to know more about the TRS application process;


The provincial government will also maintain the moratorium on rent increases and evictions for non-payment of rent, however, a ban on eviction for other reasons will be lifted later in June. 

SOURCE: BC Updates on Residential Tenancy Laws

As the eviction ban is updated, listed below are the updates on the residential tenancy laws;

  • A landlord can now issue a Notice to End Tenancy for any reason (other than unpaid or late payment rent).
  • Landlords with existing orders for eviction can take them to the courts beginning July 2, 2020, for enforcement and can enforce a written order effective immediately.
  • Landlords can enter a rental suite with 24-hour notice and do not need the tenant’s consent. They are expected to follow health guidelines like physical distancing, cleaning and wearing masks when appropriate.
  • The change also allows for personal service of documents to resume.

Landlords’ ability to restrict access to common spaces for COVID-19 related health reasons remains.

During these events, the Province will be giving the renters and landlords advance notice before the moratorium is lifted.  The ministry will set up a framework that will require landlords to work with tenants to repay owed rent over a reasonable period of time.

As the province announces next steps to support renters and landlords and preparing the economy for the “new normal” , landlords and tenants are still asked to  maintain physical distancing and wear personal protective equipment. This way, we can come up with with policies and programs to help the BC Real Estate Industry  adjust to the new normal. 

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