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Are Property Managers Worth the Cost in Vancouver?

07 Jul

A financial analysis of why it’s worth the cost of hiring property managers in Vancouver When you purchase your first income property, the first question that usually follows is whether or not to hire property managers. Often, a new property owner will consider if they have the time to manage the property on their own and weigh that against the…

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How to Deal With Problem Tenants

30 May

Nobody buys an investment property thinking they would like to have to deal with problem tenants. In fact, it’s the excuse usually given by those people who’ve always wanted to buy an income property, but never end up making the purchase. They think about the potential for the relationship to go badly and they let it keep them from making…

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Will the Bubble Ever Burst? Vancouver’s Real-Estate Market

19 May

The old Mark Twain line goes, buy land because they’re not making it anymore. Of course some land purchases are always going to cost you more than others. Simply because there are always going to be lots of people who all want to live in the same small selection of postal codes. And Vancouver is just such a place….

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