Service Overview and Fees

Bolld Real Estate ManagementService Overview and Fees


Bolld Real Estate Management is a real estate brokerage licensed by Real Estate Council of British Columbia and Consumer Protection BC and is a member of Professional Association of Managing Agents. We specialize in marketing of rental homes to qualified tenants in Vancouver area. Our entire focus is on your rental property and keeping it safe and profitable.


We have successfully kept the vacancies of our furnished and unfurnished properties under 5 % and have a proven record of renting the properties timely and at above than average rental rates.

We ensure a QUICK PLACEMENT and place a QUALIFIED TENANTS. We always SCREEN. We regularly INSPECT. We require TENANT INSURANCE. We enforce DUE DATES.




  • Proven marketing strategy will get your property rented faster and at the highest market rental rate.
  • Industry’s leading background screening of the prospective tenants, including credit check ensures the placement of a qualified tenant.
  • We will sign an enforceable Tenancy Agreement, conduct the Move-in Inspection and collect the security deposit and first month’s rent.


One Year Tenancy Guaranteed. If your tenant leaves prematurely we find you a new tenant at no extra charge to you.




  • Proven marketing strategy will get your propertyrented

    faster and at the highest market rental rate.

  • With full property management, your property is inspected quarterly.
  • The rent is securely deposited directly into your account usually by the 10th of each month.
  • We strictly enforce timely payment of the rent and the compliance with the Residential Tenancy Act.
  • We manage all necessary maintenance promptly with no up-charge.
  • Our Online Management System provides you with all documents pertaining to your property, full financialstatements

    and your tenants can request maintenance efficiently and receive all important notifications on time.

  • We communicate with your strata corporation on your behalf.
  • For Non Residents we remit the withholding tax, file NR6 and NR4 for no extra charge.
  •  We respond to any emergencies and handle any tenant disputes on your behalf.


Our Fees are defined by the following factors:

  • Tenant Placement Only 安置租客费
  • Property Management 屋业管理费 – Unfurnished Properties
  • Property Management 屋业管理费 – Furnished Properties
  • All fees are only payable when your property is actually rented and we start collecting the rent.
  • Do you own a brand new or multiple properties? You may qualify for our special rates.
  • All our fees are only payable when your property is actually rented and you collect the rent. For every month of a vacancy, our company will credit you a one month worth of management fees.**



If you are not happy with our services, or simply no longer need management service, you can terminate the agreement at any time with a one month notice.*

Usually, the last week of the previous month and the first week of the month prior to the desired tenant placement date are the best times to find a prospective tenant. In case that you are planning to rent your property within 1 month, it is crucial to start advertising as soon as possible.

* Some conditions apply.

  • **Applicable only for unfurnished properties. The first month after taking over management is not applicable. Subject to a reasonable asking rental rate based on current market rents and agreed upon.



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What do we do and how much do we charge?

The short answer is that we take care of everything and our service is all inclusive. Straightforward fees, no surprises.

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