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    How to Make Your Rental Property Pop

    17 Jun
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    Stand Out from the Rest

    Rental property is a wonderful form of income but a vacant property can actually cost you if left too long. When it comes to attracting tenants, the best way to do so is by ensuring that your listing has all of the elements a renter wants.

    When there is a myriad of listings all vying for attention, it is important that yours stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips to ensure your listing has all of the aspects that will entice renters to your property.

    Showcasing Your Rental Property’s Best Features

    Maintain the Property

    Even if the property is vacant, it does not mean that you can disregard all the basic upkeep. Set a standard for your property such as doing a small overhaul every time an old tenant moves out. Have the carpet or flooring cleaned by a professional and give the property a new coat of paint. Go the extra mile by cleaning the baseboards and various other aspects that need scrubbing.

    Also, walk around the rental and take note of what needs repairs. It can be anything from replacing a broken towel rod to a clogged sink. Doing the repairs beforehand will save you from facing a disgruntled tenant later on.

    Install Extra Security

    New tenants tend to feel a little wary about a new neighborhood, even the best ones. Installing a home security system can ease their worries. It is also a relief off of your mind that your property is protected against burglars.

    Go All-Out for Staging

    A staging can make all of the difference to potential tenants. They allow the homeowners to envision themselves in the space. For those who are on the fence about renting will be convinced to rent a space that feels like home.

    Before you host a staging, get to the property early to clean up space. Do a quick pass with the vacuum and open up the blinds to let in as much natural light as possible. You can also light a mild candle.

    Rental Companies in Vancouver

    Do not forget to list your property online for more exposure. At Bolld Real Estate Management, we list rental properties in the Vancouver area. We provide out of the box ideas to garner the greatest number of rentals. For more information, contact us at 855.266.8588

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