Do you need a lawyer and are there legal fees when selling your home?

legal fees for buying a home

Is a lawyer required for selling a home? And are there any legal fees when selling your home? Understandably, hiring a lawyer by the hour doesn’t come cheap. Hence, you’ll want to verify whether it’s necessary to involve a lawyer when selling your home.  As with most types of transactions that include an enforceable contract, … Read more

How much should you save before you buy a home?

how much should you save to buy a home

As a first-time homebuyer, the real estate market can be a daunting arena.  You may be thinking, how on earth can I afford it? The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to pay for everything upfront. Keeping an eye on all pending costs for buying a home and having a solid plan for … Read more

5 Tips for Collecting a Security Deposit from Renters


1. Collecting a Security Deposit: Make Sure the Security Deposit is Part of the Rental Agreement BC tenancy laws enable landlords to collect a deposit in trust as security against damage to your property—albeit within strict guidelines. As a landlord, you can ask for a maximum security deposit equal to a half month’s rent at … Read more

Presale Versus Resale Homes: Are They Different? Which One is Better?

buying a home that provides maximum returns - looking at presale versus resale homes

In a market flooded with both presale and resale homes, you might be thinking to yourself, which option should you pursue? Buying a home is a significant investment. Are there core differences between presale versus resale homes? First off, let’s define these industry terms. Presales refer to sales of homes that haven’t yet been built, … Read more

What Should I Do When My Tenant Doesn’t Pay Their Rent?

collecting rent from a tenant, rental income for a property

As a landlord, you’ll want to treat your rental property as an investment, and you should see consistent cash flows from rent. Seeing as consistent rent flows is important, how can you manage it so that a tenant pays rent on time? What can you do when your tenant doesn’t pay their rent?  There are … Read more

Home Improvements that Add the Most Value to a House

Home improvements to add value to a home

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? When putting your home on the market, you want to make sure that the time and money you’ll be spending on home improvements will be worth it. Before you sell, you might think that all those mini reno and repair projects you’ve been pushing off deserve … Read more

FORME ON 54TH by Whitetail Homes

South Langley Presale Development - Forme on 54th by Whitetail Homes

SOLD OUT 19825 54 Avenue, Langley BC Neighbourhood Forme on 54th is located in the private yet connected neighborhood of South Langley. The community balances urban conveniences, natural scenic settings, and local neighborhood haunts. Walking distance from historic Downtown Langly, and proximity to future rapid bus transit lines and a SkyTrain station connecting to Metro … Read more

DUNBAR AT 39TH by Wesgroup

Vancouver Dunbar presale development - Dunbar at 39th by Wesgroup

NOW SELLING 3636 West 39th Avenue, Vancouver BC Neighourhood Dunbar at 39th – Live in a central, distinctive, and time-honoured Vancouver neighborhood. Dunbar offers idyllic and convenient settings in central Vancouver.  Residential Plan 29 curated units and townhomes across 4 stories Estimated Completion: August 2023 – October 2023 Pricing Type Size Starting Price 1 bedroom … Read more

ECLIPSE by Thind Properties

Burnaby Brentwood Presale Development - Eclipse by Thind Properties

NOW SELLING 2381 Beta Avenue, Burnaby BC Neighourhood Eclipse is located in the convenient and transit-oriented Brentwood community.  Residential Plan Total of 329 units across 32 stories Estimated Completion in Fall 2024 Pricing Type Size Starting Price Suites 478-563 (sqft) $529,900 1 bedroom + den 611-663 (sqft) $629,900 2 bedroom 754-915 (sqft) $809,900 2 bedroom … Read more

DISTRICT NORTHWEST by Thind Properties

Surrey Presale Development - District Northwest by Thind Properties

ADVANCE SELLING – APPOINTMENT ONLY 105 Ave & University Dr, Surrey, BC Neighourhood District Northwest is located in the heart of Surrey’s growing city centre.  Residential Plan 1st phase of a two-tower development – District Northwest will comprise 610 units across 45 stories, while the second tower will encompass 410 units across 39 stories.  Pricing … Read more

Why knowing your home’s value matters and how to price your home to sell

understanding your home's value, investing decision to buy, leverage, or exit your real estate investment

In the world of real estate, the one number that reigns supreme is the market value of your property. Knowing your home’s value can come in handy in many scenarios beyond deciding to sell and move house.  In particular, knowing your home’s value allows you to quickly assess when it’s suitable to borrow, trade, or … Read more

Is it Worth It to Work with a Realtor? Things to Consider as a Home Buyer

Value of working with a realtor. Costs and benefits of having a real estate agent help you through the home buying process.

Buying a home isn’t a snap decision, and for most, it’s a significant personal investment. You’ll be conscientious about choosing a home that suits your needs for both the current and future years to come. One key decision you’ll make is whether it’ll be worth it to work with a realtor. You’ll want to clarify … Read more