Whistler Village, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

                Whistler Village is a great part of the resort municipality of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada.  As a well-regarded neighborhood, Whistler Village includes Upper Village, also known as Blackcomb Benchlands or “The Bench” and serves as the go-to for countless tourists and residents alike.

                Once a town garbage dump, Whistler Village is now a pristine shopping center and filled with hundreds of stores for any kind of explorer, including grocery stores, liquor spots, and a bunch of other attractions.  Moreover, Whistler Village is the site of Whistler Public Library for children and spending time a bar is easy for any fanatic, since bars are not uncommon to be in walkable distance.  Frequent festivals and celebrations bring the neighborhood together and there is always bound to be people biking and skiing, activities that are yearlong in the constant hustle and bustle.

                Activities include skiing (the local resort specialty), snowboarding, riding snowmobiles, ice skating, and tubing.  Even though there are lots of spas and massage centers, the fun is in the action in Whistler Village.  Those who deem themselves unathletic can find adventure through eagle-watching, helicopter sightseeing, and ziplining.  Having a daring personality might lead people to ice climb; using ice formations to climb a mountain with expert guides by your side.  Moreover, sleigh rides are great opportunities for surprise proposals or even a romantic night out with a gourmet dinner attached.

                Whistler Village is the home of multiple attractions and places to have fun.  The art museums feature unique masterpieces and reminders that dive into the past.  Fathom Stone Arts has stone pieces from the native Inuit peoples, providing an opportunity to learn and explore the other side of Whistler.  As an interesting attraction for people of other tastes, Village & Cinemas is a spectacular complex of eight movie screen auditoriums, available for business meetings and private use.  With a previously burned DVD, the staff will play anything for a private audience of up to 130 people.  People can also rent out the auditoriums for Powerpoint presentations and an attached restaurant allows for catering as well.  The Whistler Brewing Company offers tours and tasting for those interested.  Although there are numerous activities to meet the interests of family members of all ages, parents wishing for family time can utilize the services of babysitting and childcare services offered in Whistler.

                Whistler Village is a gradual journey that requires an open mind and a willingness to explore, the perfect opportunity for travelers, families needing a vacation, and anybody wanting relaxation in its prime.

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