How much rental revenues can your home generate on Airbnb?

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How BOLLD helps you with your vacation home

We take care of your guests BOLLD is Airbnb Superhost

Statistics show that hosts earn significantly more revenue on AirBnB when they receive a Superhost status. Only about 19% of all AirBnB hosts reaches the status of a superhost.

What is means for you?
81% higher occupancy rate
60% more revenue per available day
5% improvement in listing traffic
Improved short term rental profitability

We maximize your revenues. Dynamic pricing optimization

We automatically optimize rates in order to maximize your income and attract your guests at the same time. We keep your vacation rental prices competitive as demand changes. Our innovative tools help us to control and analyze the income, occupancy and complete performance on a monthly basis.

We take care of your home. Phenomenal housekeeping

We consider our housekeeping team to be one of the main pillars of our operation. They ensure cleanliness and good repair of your home and comfort for your guests. By offering a competitive wage to the housekeepers we support both, the local market and the community

All-Inclusive property management service

  • Flexible contract term
  • Affordable straightforward fees
  • No hidden fees
  • Regular inspections
  • Unlimited owner use
  • Cost efficient maintenance
  • 24/7 service

What our customers say

Bill Athwal

It’s all 5 stars from accommodating my needs in a timely fashion to maximizing revenues because of flexibility to market conditions. Also assisted immensely during Covid.

Hardeep Gill

Leo has managed our unit at Marketplace for 3 years. He has been nothing but proactive when it comes to managing my property. Leo and management look after my property and the visiting clients equally with great professionalism and care. I would most definitely recommend others to use Bold management to look after their properties.

Barry Johnston

We have been with Bolld Real Estate Mgt. for almost 6 years now and have nothing but praise for the professional and convenient service they offer, all at a reasonable rate. Anything that needs to be done for the rental unit is arranged and carried out promptly, by their local representative. Bookings are up and so is the income, we are very satisfied with Bolld, the guests leave good reviews of the property and the service, they make it easy for us.

Bill Tee

Bolld has managed our Whistler property for 5 years. The relationship has been truly satisfactory. We were very pleased with how Bolld stick handled the management of our property through the covid pandemic. Bolld has consistently generated sufficient rental to keep us running in the black. We commend Bolld for their earnest deligency in maintaining our property.

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