Being a Landlord just got easier.

The eviction of a tenant is a lengthy process that will cost you thousands of dollars in lost rent and legal fees. We helped many landlords to evict tenants that they found themselves from their rental property. Those tenants who seemed to be qualified at the beginning, but turned out to be a months-long nightmare.

Don’t make the same mistake. Hire a professional. We have placed hundreds of qualified tenants . Property Management is all we do. We keep your property safe and profitable.

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    Service Highlights


    Flexible Contracts

    We believe in our service. We do not overwhelm you with the unnecessary paperwork and long-term agreements. If you are not satisfied with our service or simply do not need a property manager anymore, you can cancel the service anytime. Only a one month notice is required. No questions asked.


    Client Focused Management Fee

    Our goal is to maximize your rental. Our management fee is competitive and straight forward We only get paid, when you get paid No upfront fees No hidden fees. No fine print


    Meticulous Tenant Screening

    We run a credit check on each tenant. We verify their employment and income. We confirm previous residence and speak to the previous landlord. We search criminal court records and social media for any red flags. Each tenant is required to purchase tenant’s insurance.

    Up to Date Rental Rates

    Each year we automatically administer rent increases in order to maximize your income and keep the rental rate up to date. We focus on minimizing the vacancies and the cost of maintenance.


    24/7 Local Support

    We believe the key to a good customer service is communication. We take communication with our clients seriously. It is our top priority to respond to your message in a timely manner. Bolld Real Estate Management has adopted a new communication policy that requires all team members to respond to clients within a certain time period.


    Regular Routine Inspections

    The majority of insurance companies require regular property inspections. We inspect your property a minimum of three times a year to make sure your tenant takes good care of it and there are no maintenance issues.


    Rent Guarantee

    Can we guarantee the collection of rent? Yes, we can. We offer a plan which ensure you the rent is always paid. The plan also covers the cost of re-renting your property and legal fees in case of an eviction. Terms and condition apply

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    How it Works

    8 simple steps to get your property rented

    Rental Evaluation_What is your property's potential

    1. Rental Evaluation: What is your property’s potential?

    We conduct a market research and determine your property’s potential based on the current market conditions. We review comparable active listings. compare those listings to your property and set a market based rental rate.

    2. Initial Property Inspection

    We visit your property and thoroughly inspect it. At this point we look for any attractive aspects of your property that could be used to market your rental. At the same time we look for any areas that need attention and could increase the potential of your property.

    Initial Property Inspection
    Marketing of your Rental

    3. Marketing of your Rental

    Based on the analysis. We take professional pictures and we start advertising your property. It is advertised won all popular rental sites Including our website to maximize your exposure.

    4. Performance monitoring and showings

    We generally start advertising at higher rental rate and adjust It based on the response that we receive. At least two showings a week are scheduled to accommodate viewing requests. You will receive a weekly performance update.

    Performance monitoring and showings

    5. Screening your tenant

    We ‘follow up with each tenant that visited your property and invite them to apply. Once an application is received we perform the full background check. Only the best candidates are offered the lease

    6. Securing your tenant and signing a lease

    Once a tenant is approved, we offer a lease to the tenant The lease is signed and the initial payment is collected. Unless the payment is collected and the lease is signed, we continue to market your property.

    Securing your tenant and signing a lease
    Moving in your tenant

    7. Moving in your tenant

    Once an agreement is signed we schedule the move-in inspection. If your property is a part of a strata corporation, we take care of all paperwork_ We collect proof of tenant insurance. A thorough move-in inspection report including pictures is prepared.

    8. Sit back and relax

    It is time for you to sit back and relax. We take care of everything. All you need to do is to check your bank account once a month_ You will receive access to your online profile where you can view copies of all documents and view your financial statements.

    Sit back and relax

    Get a Quote NOW! What do we do and how much do we charge?

    We take care of everything and the service is all inclusive. Get the details Now!

      Service Features

      What do we do and what is included in our services?
      The simple answer is that we take care of everything and our service is all inclusive.

      Marketing and Positioning

      Tenant Screening

      24/7 Emergency Response

      Rent Collection and Financial Statements

      Handling of all Maintenance

      Accounting and Taxes

      Handling of Tenant Disputes

      Rental Evaluation

      Lease Signing and Renewals

      Regular Inspections

      Non Resident Tax Filing

      Administering of Rent Increases

      Communication with Strata

      Project Management, Renovations