University of British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada

The University of British Columbia (UBC) has two campus locations, located in Vancouver and Okanagan. Being constantly ranked within the top 40 best universities around the world is no easy feat, yet UBC keeps achieving such a reputation.  At UBC, 51,447 students (Vancouver) and 8,212 students (Okanagan) make up a total of 59, 659 students that learn from this huge institution.

The UBC Vancouver Campus is at the tip of Point Grey Peninsula and is a 30-minute bus ride away from downtown Vancouver.  The campus has sites in Vancouver, including UBC Robson Square and Great Northern Way.

The UBC Library is one of the greatest ones in Canada, especially with its research collections and presentations.  Moreover, the TRIUMF is a leading research laboratory for subatomic physics, providing top quality equipment for students and scientists.  The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts is a phenomenal building that serves as a stage for local performing art fanatics and UBC events.  Other top-notch UBC resources include the Museum of Anthropology (has guided tours, vast collections, archives), the Beaty Biodiversity Museum (connects UBC research to people), the UBC Botanical Garden (includes Japanese Memorial Garden), the UBC Farm (research centre; helps find sustainable resources), and the Thunderbird Sports Center (capacity of 7,000 & arena able to expand to Olympic size).

The UBC Robson Square is a location that provides spaces for seminars and conferences.  Designed by Arthur Erickson in 1973, the area includes law offices, government agencies, and an art gallery.  These pieces are joined with a grand display in the centre; three swaying waterfalls that are in the centre of a garden.  The building is also available for rent to host community events.

Great Northern Way is a campus brought together by several institutions and brings an academic space for The Centre for Digital Media, a place where people can earn their Master’s Degree in Digital Media.

The UBC Okanagan Campus offers a great facility as well and offers the prestige of being another UBC research institution.  Furthermore, Okanagan Campus also has 600 research projects that are being funded and contributing to multiple fields of study.

With a staggering size, the University of British Columbia is undoubtedly a leading world research institution that is among the world’s top 20 public universities.  The abundant resources that are provided through UBC facilities are priceless for education and scientific projects.  The UBC also shares their resources with locals and communities, bridging the gap between educational institutions and everyday life.

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