Looking for a place for rent in Vancouver BC? Understanding your needs is important to us and will help us find you the right place. We are familiar with Vancouver and its developments and can assist you to make the right choice. Our placement services for tenants are absolutely free. Knowing your rights and obligations, is an important part of a trouble free, peaceful tenancy. Let us help your to research your options and making the right choices. Please click on the links below for helpful information.

Finding a perfect home can be a stressful experience. Assessment of your needs and careful planing can prevent the unecessary stress and make your move a smooth process. Our jobs is to assist you along the way.

Renting is a complex process, involving quite a bit of paperwork and administration. Let us explain how it works, what is involved in the application, what you’ll need and what can you expect. Everything starts with the assessment of your personal needs and preferences. You have to ask your self what exactly are you looking for and what features would your ideal home posses.

We believe that the foundation of a good relationship between the landlord, tenants and the property management company, is a well maintained property. With us you always get a professionally cleaned place.

All our tenants receive a unique username and password to our online property management system. This system allows you to report any issues and track the progress as the issues are being resolved. Our managers are always just a phone call away.

Our furnished rentals come standard with a complimentary  monthly maid service. Should you require more frequent maid service, you can take advantage of our affordable special rates offered only to our guests. The properties are fully furnished and equipped to provide you with a pleasant, hotel-like experience.

Moving from one place to another must often be accomplished in under a day. The time can be tight. You have to pack your stuff, clean the old place, look for a carpet cleaner, forward the mail to the new address, transfer your hydro account, cable, internet. You already have to pay the security deposit for the new place and you still have not received the deposit from the old one. Property management by Bolld is different. We pay you your security deposit back immediately upon completion of the move out inspection. You can take advantage of the “at cost” rates of our in-house staff which truly guarantees you the lowest price and quick response whenever you need.

Read these articles before entering into a Tenancy.

Choosing the right Place
Tenancy Agreement
Terminating a Tenancy
Useful Links
Where to look for a Home