How I market your property?

Your property is often the single most biggest investment in your life, most people probably have most of their money parked into this investment. Therefore, I always work hard in getting you the best possible price in today’s market. Depending on the area your property is located, I do market your property differently.


If you are in an area where Chinese buyers are more active, I will advertise in the Chinese newspaper, you do not get a small ad like those you often see, you will get an ad the size of ?? so it stands out. Here is a sample of what my ad looks like:

Setting up my sign on your lawn is also very important because it tells your neighbors you are up for sale, usually a person in the neighborhood will know some relatives or friends who would like to be in the same neighborhood, this can put some of your nosy neighbors to work. I also personally knock on your neighbors’ door to tell them about your house being on the market and inviting them to your openhouse. The more hype I create on your property, the better it is to achieve a better price for you.


2 restaurants side-by-side selling beef noodles, one is bustling with people and the other has only one patron, which will you go for? (it’s quite a no brainer)
This is the hype I want to create so whether they are seriously looking or just curious about what is inside your home, I welcome them to swing by.


For condos & townhouses with no restrictions on rentals, I have a different marketing strategy. Advertised with your home will be a free 1 year contract with Bolld Property Management, this will be fully paid for by me. Why this is beneficial? I want to ensure your property looks very attractive to a would-be investor thus creating a bigger pool of people who will be interested in your property.

What about those with rental restriction? Those with rental restrictions have benefits too, the development will consist mostly home owners who take better care of common area because it is their home. I will also personally send out your feature sheet to my clients who are close to retirement so they can consider your place first.

The strongest tool I use is to send out an email with your property details to active agents in your neighborhood to notify them that your place is on the market and they are welcome to bring them clients.