Your Frequently Asked Questions – Answered


Under the “Residents” tab on our website, you can find our rental application and our paperwork requirement schedule. All of our applicants show proof of our monthly income of at least 40x of 1 month’s rent. You also need to have good credit and have a clean housing court record.

You need to get written consent from us before you make any changes to the apartment. You will need to change the color back to the original color if you change the paint color to your tastes.

Pets are only allowed on a case-by-case basis. You may also need to pay additional money as a security deposit.

For the most part, heat and hot water are included in your rent. However, you will need to set up your own accounts for gas, internet, cable, and electricity.

If you are looking to sublet the apartment, you need to contact us to see what your options are. There are restrictions that do not allow for sublets for less than 30 days.

We do offer some furnished apartments. We can also furnish your apartment for an additional fee.

You can contact us anytime there is maintenance needed on your apartment. If there is a very serious problem, such as a leak, try contacting the super. If you can’t reach them, contact us immediately.

You should contact us within 48 hours if you notice any damage so that we can document it.

We would prefer getting paid by check though you can also set up automatic payments through your bank.

You need to give us notice at least 60 days before your lease is up, though you can let us know anytime that you intend to stay.

Renter’s insurance is important to protect your personal belongings within your apartment. The insurance policy that the landlord has does not protect this.