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Owner portal overview

Our online management system provides you with a real-time overview of the finances, ongoing management tasks, and documented records pertaining to your property. You can easily generate a number of useful reports and track the performance of your real estate portfolio. If you have any requests, you just need to submit a quick request form and check on the status of your ticketed request as it is being taken care of.

Please read below or watch the video to learn more about the system and how to use it.

How to generate and review your financial statements and reports

How to generate and review your financial statements and reports
After signing into your account, the home page below will appear on your screen. It displays a quick financial overview for the last three months.

To view more details, you can expand the dropdown to see the nature of the expenses and income. You can choose to view the financials for all your properties or each individually.

The rental owner ledger shows you all the recent transactions on your account. You have options to view the ledger statements based on a period of your choice.

Your financial report

You can easily generate a real-time and comprehensive financial statement showing all income and expenses incurred for your property through your online profile. Gone are those days where you need to reach out to the administration to get updated financial records for your property. You can review the video below to see how you can generate a customized real-time financial report from your online profile and make sense of the information as presented in the report.


You can choose from a number of reports by clicking on the “Reports” button in the top right corner, as shown below. The reports include your Rental Owner Statement and all major financial reports. In addition to financial reports, you can generate reports pertaining to your rentals and tasks, work orders on a property basis. You can search the reports and add favorite or frequently used reports to your “Favorites” tab for quick access.

Where to find copies of your documents

All documents and records pertaining to your property are readily available for a view or download under the “Document” tab in your online profile. Typically we upload all tenancy agreements, inspection reports, your property management agreement, and other important documents. This gives you easy access to electronic records at any time. Please check out our video below to see how you can access your documents through our online profile and download a soft copy for your records.

How to submit a request

If you have any requests, you can submit them and make sure to keep track of your request through your online profile. You can fill out the simple owner request form in your online profile, as well as make sure to keep a tab on all open and previously completed tasks through the summary overview for all tasks related to your property. Please view our video below to see how you can submit and keep track of all running requests for your property.

How to send funds

Need more help? We will be happy to schedule a guided overview for you!

We hope the above guide provides you with helpful information, and if you have lingering questions, we want to make sure to hear from you and address all your concerns and inquiries.

Our administration team is readily available to help and provide personal attention to your inquiries and needs. If you would like to schedule an onboarding session with us, please do so through our onboarding scheduling link below.


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