North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

North Vancouver is a large city of its own in British Columbia, Canada. Neighborhoods in the city include Blueridge, Lower Lonsdale, The Boulevard, Lynnmour, Lynn Valley, Braemar, Calverhall, Norgate, Canyon Heights, Northlands, Capilano Highlands, Pemberton Heights, Capilano, Pemberton, Central Lonsdale, Princess Park, Deep Cove, Queensbury, Delbrook, Roche Point, Dollarton, Seymour, Edgemont Village, Tempe, Upper Delbrook, Forest Hills, Grousewoods, Upper Lonsdale, Hamilton, Westlynn, Westlynn Terrace, Hamilton Heights, Indian River, Windsor Park, and Woodlands/Cascade/Sunshine.

Blueridge is a community that is filled with families and is a bit concealed with a forest setting; having a recreation center and elementary school. Lower Lonsdale is the neighborhood with the largest population and known as “Lolo” to locals, yet the area has many apartments and condominiums, allowing residents to enjoy tranquil mountain views. With an improved ferry service and the SeaBus to Vancouver, there are several activities around. The Boulevard is home to Loutet Farm, providing the community with locally grown produce. Moreover, Lynn Valley is a beautiful area with trails and parks that are natural resorts for hikers and bikers, even some exclusive schools for children. Braemar is newer and has cul-de-sacs for a family home community.

Lynnmour is home to Capilano University and locals can bike or roller skate around the area without a problem, with Rice Lake nearby for a great fishing experience (lots of trout). Calverhall is a nicely organized community of stores and homes, including movie theaters and bungalows for anybody looking for a refreshingly calm lifestyle. Norgate is filled with ranchers and Tomahawk Barbecue is a local favorite for meals, as well as Norgate Park which includes a baseball field.

Canyon Heights offers mountain trails, Capilano Salmon Hatchery, and numerous picnic spots. The Capilano Salmon Hatchery has been replenishing the populations of fish by breeding and releasing Coho Salmon and some trout as well. Northlands is a great place to stay when exploring Mount Seymour Provincial Park, a place that allows visitors to overlook Vancouver and offers a ski area with 4 lifts.

Capilano is neat little community with tightknit residents and shops. Churches and shops line the streets for visitors, allowing for locals to set up bookstores, toy stores, and gift shops. The Bakehouse is a great bakery that makes every treat from scratch while adding in the necessary care and time, receiving praise and awards for their service and quality. Muffins and cinnamon buns are good for breakfasts, their menu including homely favorites as well.

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