Lonsdale Quay, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Being a calm neighbourhood in Vancouver, Lonsdale Quay has less known resources than other communities, yet it allows visitors and residents to step away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lonsdale Quay boasts a great attraction, known as Lonsdale Quay Market, which serves as a major player amid community events.

Lonsdale Quay Market includes a food market, international food court of cuisines, shops with local designers, playing areas for kids, restaurants, boutique hotels, and spas. As an inevitable part of life in Lonsdale Quay, the market introduces people to the waterfront at the North Shore with a pleasant setting and plenty of activities for shopaholics. With a number of artists, vendors, and designers involved with actively attracting people to the market, the business promotes local products and residents. The Waterfront Salad Garden is a place where you can engineer your own salad and have a great meal of vegetables and fruits with your own touch.

Lonsdale Quay Market also encourages several events (that occur over months) in the neighbourhood, including the Summerfest, Sidewalk Sales, Friday Night Life, Pianos on the Streets, and Farmers Market. The Summerfest is an all-summer event when discounts are offered at different businesses at the market and specialty activities are scheduled. People can do yoga at the park on Thursday evenings or dance on Saturday mornings. On Friday evenings, Friday Night Life can be observed around the waterfront plaza; artists set up their work around fountains and live performances spark the air with entertainment.

The Lonsdale Quay Hotel offers fine staying accommodations while in the area. Their fitness centre has a view of the spectacular Vancouver Skyline and badminton courts allow you to challenge your friends and family to a competitive match while helping you get fit and enjoy your stay. Moreover, the MIX Lounge encourages visitors to choose it as a venue for your next party or dinner, as well as many choices in planning and menus that will have your guests mesmerized with the event. Rooms have exclusive features and amenities, including plush bathrobes and a leather business chair for top-quality working conditions. With a priceless view of the waterfront, the Lonsdale Quay Hotel is a nice option for staying in the area.

Lonsdale Quay is a lively area that centres activity at the Lonsdale Quay Market and creates a great neighbourhood for anyone that wants peace while enjoying sandwiches at the Sandwich Shop or the Waterfront Salad Garden’s make-your-own salads.

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