Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Kitsilano is a neighborhood located in Vancouver in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Locals fondly address Kitsilano as “Kits” and the community has transformed from a center of culture to a neighborhood filled with apartments and houses, as well as more businesses (cafes, bookstores, retailers). The area is also infamous for its Kits Beach and promotes cultural programs.

Accommodations in Kitsilano include Greystone Bed & Breakfast and Maple House, allowing visitors to go beyond a typical hotel. People can find a bunch of vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts, and other staying options for more personalized service and a homely feel. Living in Kitsilano has its own specialties; many residents live in laneway houses which are small, detached houses with garages on a lot.

When it comes to activities, the options are endless with hundreds of things to do. Running along the south shore of English Bay, Kitsilano Beach offers five tennis courts (northern) that were recently renovated and meet the standards of the International Tennis Federation tournaments. Another five tennis courts were built in the southern area, along with new fences and practice walls. The Vancouver Running Company was started to give runners a place to find running apparel and accessories that could come very useful to those who run frequently. Others get fit at the Kitsilano Dalley Method studio where people come in for yoga classes or exercise routines.

Kitsilano has numerous community resources, including a community center, ice rink, pool, parks, and a branch of Vancouver Public Library. The Kitsilano Community Center has a gymnasium, ice rink, fitness center, dance studio, and youth lounge. The Kitsilano Pool is the only saltwater pool in Kitsilano, located near the cafes and neighborhood. Having multiple parks can only add to the fit lifestyle in Kitsilano and allows people to stay outdoors.

Events in Kitsilano are interesting and attract tourists and residents alike. Furthermore, these events are also part of the bigger picture of the city of Vancouver. The Vancouver Folk Music Festival brought out families to enjoy face painting, crafts, and dancing. There are a ton of locations where you can buy a bicycle or car, using either one for transportation. Bicycles provide a great eco-friendly way to get around and reduce traffic around the neighborhood and city. A large majority of residents go to House of Chains, where they find bicycles, parts, and services. No matter how you decide to get around, Kitsilano will bring out your calm and you will be able to embrace the locals and the neighborhood.

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