How can I help protect you in your purchase?

Buying a property is a huge investment, often the biggest investment in our lives and I would like to ensure you know everything about the property you are about to purchase.

Apart from collecting data from the listing realtor, I will also contact City Hall to find out if your property was ever listed as a previous Grow-op or drug lab (often sellers do not know about it or they are not honest about it), whether there was any renovations done without a permit or if there is a set-back on the property line.

If it is a condo or townhouse, I will read the General meeting minutes to detect current and possible upcoming problems, I will find out how healthy the contingency reserve funds is and highlight any By-Laws which might affect you.

With all the information gathered, we will sit down and decide what kind of clause we would like in the body of the Contract of Purchase and Sale to provide you better protection. This contract is enforceable by the Courts of British Columbia.