Brentwood Park, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Brentwood Park, frequently known as Brentwood, is a neighborhood in the city of Burnaby in British Columbia, Canada. This community has a residential setting and offers people shopping attractions at Brentwood Town Centre.

Brentwood Town Centre is a great place to shop, especially with its centralized location and easy accessibility from the infamous Skytrain. Having 110 stores and plenty of offices, a new construction plan is in place for Brentwood to become the social core of Burnaby. The construction idea is creating a masterpiece in Brentwood, including a spacious plaza, integrated transit (with the Skytrain), and a beautiful structure of covered walkways and whole complex.

Brentwood is a wondrous place to live and has numerous single-family homes that have views of Mount Seymour and are in close proximity to Burnaby Mountain. Staying options include the Executive Hotel & Conference Centre Burnaby where you can find a health and fitness center, central heating, and tea/coffee making accessories. An outdoor pool makes your stay enjoyable with access to the Skytrain for nearby destinations. For businesspeople and visitors looking for a good venue to plan events, the Executive Hotel & Conference Centre Burnaby offers a Grand Ballroom, Centennial Room, Pavillion, Panorama, and multiple executive meeting rooms. The Grand Ballroom has projection equipment (conference tools), podium (presentations), microphone, whiteboard (planning), and even computer rentals for guests that need technology provided for their work.

Nearby attractions include the Brentwood Mall, Burnaby Village Casino, and even the British Columbia Institute of Technology. For those with educational interest, BCIT is a great resource that has smaller class sizes, field work that helps students apply their skills, and connected learning between students and teachers.

Fashionistas can head to the well known Metropolis at Metrotown, a large mall with hundreds of stores and cool shops. Beecher Creek is a local specialty, with a good population of salmon species. Bond with a friend or family member over some fishing for dinner or take a scenic walk to savor the feels of Brentwood Park. Brentwood Town Centre Station is the transportation route for SkyTrain and connects people to bus routes for endless exploration.

For a refreshing setting, go to Brentwood Park and enjoy a residential neighborhood that will soon be expanding with a large complex. Brentwood will become a beautiful destination for tourists and others who are fans of a fancy social center for Burnaby, as well as an esteemed shopping core.

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