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Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Burnaby is a residential city of wonders in British Columbia, Canada. Neighborhoods that make up the city include The Heights, Burnaby Hospital/Green Tree Village, Central Burnaby, Capitol Hill, Brentwood Park, Lochdale/Parkcrest, Westridge, Burnaby Mountain, Government Road, Metrotown, Central Park – Suncrest, Deer Lake, Burnaby Lake, South Burnaby, Big Bend, South Slope, Edmonds, Cariboo in Burnaby East. When it comes to activities, Burnaby has dining options, shopping, outdoor recreation, festivals, arts, culture, and attractions.

Burnaby has spectacular attractions that are certainly a bunch of unique experiences for everybody. A magical opportunity that you receive is to go to the Burnaby Central Railway, a great ride on a model steam train around one of the biggest parks in the area. Another adventure is at the Burnaby Village Museum where there is a 1912 Carousel, farmhouse, and a 1925 organ plays during the ride. Food includes an ice cream parlor, picnic tables, and a menu for little meals. Furthermore, the Capilano Suspension Bridge lets people take nature walks, explore forests, and First Nations legends are all around with totem poles that remind people of the past. The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is a beautiful place and you can drink tea while taking walks on the nice walkways and to the pavilions.

For an exciting time, head over to the Science World at Telus World of Science. Discover new exhibitions and interactive displays. The Honda Celebration of Light is a dazzling event because it attracts thousands of spectators and increases profits from tourism; having a fireworks display of such magnitude is phenomenal. Moreover, the Movies at Civic Square are summer occurrences when kids get to play and there are community art projects for those who are interested. Lynn Canyon Park is a relaxing setting for anybody interested in nature and for picnics, hikes, and swimming ventures in the holes nearby. Golf, biking, winter sports, kayaking, and exploring are great ways to be fit.

Metropolis at Metrotown is a shopping center that focuses on genuine browsing options. Condominiums and townhouses are the major living options for residents people seeking opportunities to live in the area. Skytrain is the main transportation throughout the city of Burnaby and it allows anybody to explore thoroughly. However, eco-friendly options include riding bicycles while bike routes will allow for staying healthy as well. Burnaby is the third largest city in British Columbia and it provides a great adventure of relaxation because people can find new attractions and there aren’t too many other places with such entertainment.