Sell your tenanted home without compromising the sale price

Uncooperative tenants, a messy home during showings, and tenancy terms are just a few tenant-related issues that can impact your sale price if not handled properly. Our proven process and expert knowledge of tenancy laws ensure the tenancy doesn’t compromise your price and the sale of your home is hassle-free.

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How BOLLD helps you address the 3 biggest problems

Uncooperative tenants
Free management and relocation.

Uncooperative tenants can make it hard to show your home, and you might lose potential buyers as a result. Sailing rental properties can come with a unique set of challenges.

Understanding your rights, the rights of the tenants, and when/how to serve the notice of entry is crucial. BOLLD’s expert property management department manages your home during the listing period and we make sure the buyers have access to view your home. To mitigate potential friction, we offer tenants COMPLIMENTARY relocation services.

Messy home during showings Complimentary cleaning.

Tenant-occupied homes are often messy. People are busy with work and often have kids. It is not their priority to have your home ready for a showing on short notice.

BOLLD offers your tenants complimentary cleaning and rewards them if they keep the home clean for our showings. We agree with your tenant on regular showing times at the very beginning. They have time to prepare so we can show your home at its best.

Tenancy Laws
Tenancy law expertise. Buyers looking for tenanted homes.

The tenancy runs with the home. It must be assumed by the buyer unless the buyer intends to move in. It is important to consider your potential cost arising from accepting an offer that asks for vacant possession. We understand the value of every offer presented and the implications of tenancy laws when presented and the implications of tenancy laws when selling rental properties.

Via our internal network, we expose your home to thousands of buyers looking for tenanted homes.

Our Client’s Success

Roy C.

Getting tenants to view the property quickly and giving me peace of mind. I’m totally hands off and I’m happy with how things are turning out so far.

Alexander L.

A dedicated property manager was allocated to me. We can talk when issues come up. They’ve improved the communication with me when the tenant has a problem and I am informed quicker so I can take action to ensure the tenant is happy. Rent is always paid on time. I get good property inspection reports and updates on Strata meetings.

Bonnie. N.

Bolld is the best! I am extremely happy with their superb level of service. The experience over all has been nothing short of Great – everything is always taken care of in a timely manner. I can feel that everyone from Bolld genuinely cares and would highly recommend them to everyone!

Andrew Liem

Knowledgeable, Professional and Efficient. If you’re looking for a great team to help you find a place or help rent out your place look no further. This team is absolutely amazing and a pleasure to work with.

Tommy Kuan

Been renting from Bolld for 2 years now, everything going smooth! Going into my third year. Great on communication, bi yearly inspection and if anything comes up they will keep me updated. Happy with their service..

Jordan McCormick

I own two properties in Vancouver and decided to move overseas unexpectedly. I reached out to 5 different property management services requesting information on their services. Of the 5, Bolld Real Estate Management was the fastest to respond to my questions, the most professional, most comprehensive and offered the best value for my dollar. Leo’s team responds to my many emails in a matter of minutes. They are patient, understanding and incredibly supportive. They have gone over and above to help me, even before I have paid them a penny. They offer free advice and have many resourceful contacts to help you. Bolld Real Estate Management has simplified this process for me and have treated my family with the utmost care. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a top quality, high value property management service

Jayoung Lee

I only had positive experiences with this company. Very professional, always on top of things and very kind! They will go extra miles for you. I recommend Bolld!

Navid Khezri

Bolld in general and Bryna in particular have provided me with a superb service as far as finding the perfect home is involved. As a busy young professional, I have little time to look into finding and maintaining a property. Bryna has patiently listened to my requests and made sure they are met. She has my trust. Thank you.

Jackie Phua

I have recently list my home with Bolld & they sold my home in 3 days. Plus got me listing for places for to find my new home. I bought my new home within a week after my home was sold. They have been very professional, excellent service and also patient with me. They went above & beyond on their call of duty. I would recommend them to friends & family.

Our 9 proven steps to selling your tenant-occupied home

At Bolld Real Estate Management we specialize in selling tenant-occupied homes.

  • 01Home valuation
  • 02Review of your tenancy documents.
  • 03Meeting with your tenant and setting up showing schedule
  • 04listing of your home
  • 05Showing your home
  • 06Market watch and weekly updates.
  • 07Offer presentation
  • 08Tenant relocation or transfer of tenancy
  • 09Completion
  • Watch our video to learn more.

5 Questions you must ask every agent before listing your tenanted home

  • 01Can you end the tenancy when listing your home?
  • 02Can I end the tenancy prior to expiry of the fixed term?
  • 03Is your tenant eligible for compensation and who pays for it?
  • 04How often can you show your home and what kind of notice is needed?
  • 05Is there a difference in your closing cost between an offer asking for vacant possession and an offer assuming the tenancy?

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