How can we help you grow your Business?

Our service is affordable and efficient. As our partnered realtor you will take advantage of special rates and ongoing referral fees.

Our company can increase the earnings from your client’s investment property of by as much as 100%.

Selling homes is getting more and more difficult these days.

We understand, that you have to work hard to get new listings and even harder to sell them.

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Selling Investment Properties?

Promote your Sales with Property Management!

Real Estate can be a profitable and safe investment. It can maximize wealth, provide funds for retirement or can serve as an excellent inflation hedge, but you already know that.

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We will make your job easier and help you sell more

We will prepare for you a presentation for your clients with projected rental income. It is a thorough study taking into consideration the specific location of the property, all its fees, taxes and possibly mortgage payments.

This will help you to promote your property and show your clients the benefits of investing into Real Estate.

You have investors on your hands and you want to provide them with the right investment solutions.

Rental Income can significantly increase the Return on Invested Equity.

If you have ever tried to help your client to rent out a property you know how much hassle it is and on the top of that you can not charge anything unless you are licensed in property management.

We save you and your investor the hassle and take care of your client’s property.

Rental management is all we do. We have developed management techniques that facilitate the best possible use of the property, maximizing the investment.

Our services are efficient and go beyond standard.

We have developed special affordable Rental Management Packages just for realtors to help you promote your sales. Rather than buying a TV, iPad or other expensive things that your clients might not even need, promote the sale with a complimentary Professional Property Management Service for a year. This service package can be cheaper than the mentioned TV and it is a service that your investor really needs.

Your clients decide to sell, you will be the first to know.

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What happens if you cannot sell it?

Say you listed a property, reduced the price and you are still not getting any offers. You do not have to lose this listing, you can secure it. You can wait for the market to recover, be earning additional income (as a part of our Realtor Appreciation Program) and retain your client.

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Here is what we do:

Rather than further reducing the price and ultimately your commission, we can rent out the place. You keep your clients happy while the property remains on the market.

We sign a non-compete agreement stating that we will not refer the client to any other Realtor or in any other way interfere with your business. You will be listed as the listing agent, we will manage you client’s unit and your client will be referred back to you.

The unit can still stay on the market. We will prepare a proposal with a financial projection for you to provide to your client and rent out the place for a short term to maintain flexibility in case the offer comes. The unit can be rented on a weekly basis if furnished or on month to month basis if unfurnished.

During this time your Client can earn net rental income of as much as $3,000 a month increasing his or her Return on Equity.

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Increased Return on Equity = Happy Client.

You will be paid a referral fee immediately after your client signs the property management agreement. The amount of your referral fee will depend on the terms of the property management contract.

You have just collected your first cheque for the listed property.

Few months later you have sold the property at its market value of $500,000 and you can collect your second cheque for the commission from the sale. You will keep your client happy and hassle fee. Your Client will earn more and You will earn more.

It’s a Win – Win deal!


We take care of everything and our service is all inclusive
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