Metrotown, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

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Metrotown is well known for being a neighborhood and shopping center, known as Metropolis at Metrotown. It is part of the city of Burnaby in British Columbia, Canada. The Metropolis in Metrotown is the largest mall in British Columbia with 400 great stores. With movie theaters, restaurants, and shopping, fashionistas will not be able to get enough of the huge place.

As an investor, the Metropolis focuses its wealth and contributions toward youth, the environment, and improving social standards. Furthermore, thanks to the mall, the community has been able to implement a stronger anti-bullying program that encourages more parents to move into the neighbourhood, healthy eating initiatives that have been promoted by a school garden, and even leadership ideas for young people to take a step forward and introduce new plans that could benefit the whole area. Being environmentally responsible is an important concept that people need to be aware of and the Metropolis engages in programs to make the community more eco-friendly. Additionally, funding has been provided for programs that support the homeless and abuse victims with basic needs that they require.

The Metropolis is easily accessible because people staying at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Hotel can get to the mall quickly. Using Skytrain is another option, since the entire area is connected through stops. Metrotown has a community center, a 200 acre park, and a public library that help create a residential setting within a hub of city-like activity. Moreover, tourists find all kinds of resources in one location, with entertainment and daycare facilities. Twenty-five million visitors come to the mall each year, contributing to four hundred stores and restaurants that are still in business.

If staying at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Hotel, you can find plenty of suggestions of other activities in the area. The hotel offers a business room, Sunday brunch, room service, breakfast, and a space for dining and lounging. Nearby, you can take an intellectual trip to Burnaby Public Library or go further to find Burnaby Mountain Park for some fun in nature. In addition, you can try your luck at Gateway Casino or go spend time at a serene setting in Deer Lake Park. Simon Fraser University serves as a reachable destination for academic interests and don’t forget about Skytrain being a very accommodating mode of transportation around the cities, especially Vancouver and Burnaby.

Indeed, there is more to Metrotown than being the location of the Metropolis, including the fact that attractions and staying options are close by and comfortable, as well as having a huge mall in reach for any shopaholics.