In January 2019 there were 2187 active listings on Airbnb in Whistler up from 271 in 2014, gaining massive share of the Whistler bookings every year. The average management fee in Whistler is about 32%. The average occupancy rate is 55%. Would you like to increase your net rental income by $10,000 or more?

How does your property compare to other listings in Whistler?

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Service Highlights


Flexible Contracts

Our goal is to maximize and safeguard your vacation rental by offering exceptional property management services and measurable results. We do not overwhelm you with the unnecessary paperwork and long-term agreements. If you are not satisfied with our service, you are free to cancel our cooperation anytime and we will respect your decision without further ado.


Unlimited Owner Use

We are happy to fulfill the desire of the owners to enjoy their time with friends and family at their vacation rental as well. if the nights at your property are all booked out, you can exchange them for stays at some other property we manage.

Price Optimization

We automatically optimize rates in order to maximize your income and attract your guests at the same time. We keep your vacation rental prices competitive as demand changes. Our innovative tools help us to control and analyze the income, occupancy and complete performance on a monthly basis.


24/7 Local Support

In charge of our customer support is our local on-site manager available 24 hour and 7 days per week. He manages our local team including reservations, housekeeping, maintenance and communicates with guests, owners, and local service providers. Our Bolld team will take pride in caring for your property as it was our own.


Attentive Reservations Team

Our reservations team is in charge of all the bookings, guest screening, equipment rentals and scheduling the cleaning or maintenance of each property. In cooperating with our marketing team, they make sure your property reaches the highest possible occupancy every month.


Phenomenal Housekeeping Team

We consider our housekeeping team to be one of the main pillars of our operation. They ensure cleanliness of your property and comfort for your guests. By offering a competitive wage to the housekeepers we support both, the local market and the community.


Local Focus

Our focus is to invest and support local businesses and community. We partner with small local providers to ensure our guests receive an authentical customer experience and return to our holiday destination. We believe in the growth of the local market and various opportunities for regional companies.

Service Features

What do we do and how much do we charge?

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    Could you use extra $20,000?

    Have a look at the illustration below. It explains the impact of the management fee you pay on your bottom line. Paying 20% as oppose to 40% almost doubles your net rental income.

    Impact of Management Fee on Net Rental Income


    Net Rental Income before Management Fee

    The chart is based on a gross rental income of $100,000 and $35,000 in expenses plus standard fees.


    What do we do and how much do we charge?

    Simple answer is we take care of everything and the service is all inclusive.

    Enter the details below and we will send you our service overview and fee structure.


      Bolld is a Superhost

      Only about 19% of all AirBnB hosts reaches the status of a superhost. In order to
      qualify the host must meet the following criteria:

      Host a minimum of 10 stays in a year
      Maintain 90% response rate or higher
      Have at least 80% of 5 star reviews
      Honour confirmed reservations

      Superhost Benefits

      Statistics show that hosts earn significantly more revenue on AirBnB when they
      receive a Superhost status.

      81% higher occupancy rate
      60% more revenue per available day
      5% improvement in listing traffic
      Improved short term rental profitability

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      How it Works

      8 simple steps to get your property rented

      Rental Evaluation_What is your property's potential

      1. Rental Evaluation: What is your property’s potential?

      We conduct a market research and determine your property’s potential based on the data of all active listings on AirBnB and VRBO similar to your property. We take in consideration location of the property, number of bedrooms, bath and the number of people it sleeps.

      2. Initial Property Inspection

      We visit your property and thoroughly inspect every corner. At this point we look for any attractive aspects of your property that could be used to market your rental. At the same time we look for any areas that would need an upgrade in order to increase your revenue. Our goal is to maximize it.

      Initial Property Inspection
      Marketing of your Rental

      3. Management Strategy

      We develop a check-in procedure plan and house manual to streamline the check in process and maintenance procedures to maximize the guest’s experience. A detailed plan for maintenance schedule and inventory management is prepared.

      4. Marketing Strategy and Pricing

      Based on the data analysis we prepare a nightly rate schedule. We analyze the pricing of the properties which directly compete with yours and position it successfully and strategically.

      Performance monitoring and showings
      We go Live

      5. We go Live

      We are ready! Now that we determine how to position your place, we take professional pictures and prepare listings on AirBnB and HomeAway. We prepare a detailed inventory list and stock up your property with all the necessary supplies. We start accepting the bookings.

      6. Sit back and relax

      It is time for you to sit back and relax. We take care of everything. All you need to do is to watch the progress and check your bank account once a month.

      Sit back and relax

      What do we do and how much do we charge?

      Simple answer is we take care of everything and the service is all inclusive.

      Enter the details below and we will send you our service overview and fee structure.