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Living in Vancouver BC?

Vancouver, Canada is often rated as one of the most livable cities on the planet. It isn’t really surprising. With its beautiful views, pleasant climate (one of the warmest in the country), and opportunities, it is absolutely a very attractive place to see or reside in. It is such a stunning place that you can always include this large city, located in the province of British Columbia, in your list of top holiday or residential destinations. As a result properties for rent in Vancouver are available, but the rental rate has been continuously rising in the recent years.

But why should we consider living in this city for good? How livable is Vancouver BC?

There are many reasons why:

Offers a great quality of life

Life in Vancouver in general is really good. This place has a lot of things to offer. From its clean surroundings, to its scenic views, to warm, friendly people, here you can also enjoy a perfect blend of many different cultures. This makes everyone feel that they have a place in the one massive milieu of Vancouver’s diverse yet interwoven cultural orientation.

Residents can also enjoy great healthcare facilities and educational provisions, a safe environment, state-of-the-art infrastructure and transportation systems, and a whole lot more. Being a coastal city, it offers plenty of job opportunities in the fields of logistics, trading industry, and shipping. Tourism and forestry likewise have a lot of room for people who want to work in these areas. Nature is also everywhere. You can seek refuge from Vancouver’s natural scenic spots after a long hard week. Indeed this city offers an amazing mix of nature and modernization.

Plenty of activities to enjoy

For the “outdoorsy” type, there’s tons of outdoor activities to enjoy in Vancouver. There are endless for people who eternally crave for adventure and other physical activities. With its mountains and of course the beaches, you can always plan a great summer weekend with your family and friends. Kids would love it here. They can go swimming in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, camping, and any other outdoor sport that you can imagine. If you go to Stanley Park you can enjoy a host of activities like duck-feeding, walking your dog, biking, jogging, roller-skating, blading, or simply sight-seeing. Even in winter, there’s just a lot to explore and do in this great city There’s snowboarding and skiing. So there’s never a dull moment for the outgoing type.

Great food

If you love eating, Vancouver is a “food city”. It has a delicious merging of east coast and west coast cooking techniques that come from various parts of the world. Plus with its huge population of diverse ethnical communities, this results in a massive array of cuisine selections.

The right amount of freedom and relaxation

Overall, Vancouver offers you just the right amount of every possible good thing on the planet. Good surroundings, great working or money-making opportunities, nice people, good living conditions, and a wide range of leisure activities to choose from. Now who doesn’t want to have a taste of the good life in Vancouver BC?

In the Neighbourhood

MAXX @ VERVE 13919 Fraser Highway Surrey BC

13919 Fraser Highway, Surrey, BC, Canada
705 1 + Den 1
2,456 3 + Office 2

CAPTAINS’WALK 12 – 2138 E Kent Ave South Ave Vancouver BC

2138 East Kent Avenue South, Vancouver, BC, Canada
1,470 2 2.5

OSCAR 2003 – 1295 Richards St Vancouver BC

2003 - 1295 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6B 4K8

103 – 663 w 13th Ave Vancouver BC

663 West 13th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
600 1 1

3531 W 37th Ave Vancouver BC

3531 West 37th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2942 3 + Office 2

1368 E 26th Ave Vancouver BC

1368e East 26th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2 1

3543 W 1st Ave, Vancouver unit #4

3543 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Studio 1

1508 W 64th Ave Vancouver BC

1508 West 64th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2400 3 3.5

SEAFAIR WEST 67 – 3088 Francis Rd Richmond BC

3088 Francis Rd, Richmond, BC V7C 5V9, Canada
1534 3 2 2.5

4150 West 15th Ave, Vancouver BC

4150 West 15th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2567 4 + 1 office area at the bottom level yes 2.5
1 + 1 Den 1
540 1 1

305 – 663 W 13th Ave Vancouver BC

663 West 13th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
1 1
3 2
875 1 1
600 1 + 1 Den/Flex Room 1

MARINE GATEWAY 2204 489 Interurban Way, Vancouver BC

489 Interurban Way, Vancouver, BC V5X 0C7, Canada
1 1

5821 Wales Street, Vancouver BC

5821 Wales Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
1416 3 2.5

THE GEORGE 2206 – 1420 W Georgia St Vancouver BC

1420 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
1130 2 2


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